Cattle breeds part 6

Holstein dairy cows Holsteins are easily recognisable due to their distinct markings, which are most often black and white, but can also be red and white. The breed originated in the Ne...

10 Oct 2022 · 7 min read

Cattle breeds part 5

Sussex Sussex cattle are one of the oldest and purest English breeds and are popu­lar in Southern Africa’s beef industry. The breed descended from horned red cows once found in Susse...

26 Sep 2022 · 9 min read

Cattle breeds Part 4

Santa Gertrudis Robert Kleberg Jr of King Ranch in the United States developed the Santa Gertrudis cattle breed. Kleberg's 400 000 ha ranch had 6 000 Hereford and Shorthorn cows. The...

16 Aug 2022 · 8 min read

Cattle breeds Part 3

Drakensberger In 1497, the seafarer, Vasco da Gama, first encountered black oxen when rounding the Cape. In 1836, several Voortrekker families left the Cape with similar black oxen, ref...

22 Jul 2022 · 9 min read

Cattle breeds Part 2

Cattle can be considered as an essential daily food and nutrition source, a valuable supply of revenue, and they produce nitrogen-rich manure that can be used to rebuild soils. Different...

22 Jul 2022 · 9 min read

Cattle breeds Part 1

Beef production in Southern Africa has a long history, with cattle being farmed for a variety of purposes in diverse cultures throughout the continent in the present and past. Differe...

22 Jul 2022 · 9 min read
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