Riser pipes

Turnkey borehole ground water abstraction with Carl Hamm

Drilling a borehole, mineshaft or well into the soil is not that simple. There are many variables on site to be considered. Some of these are the level of the aquifer and the water qu...

20 Dec 2022 · < 1 min read

Engineering ingenuity with Carl Hamm and STÜWA

Boreholes are vital for deep soil water extraction. Much like everything else on your farm, taking care of your borehole will ensure that it takes care of you. That is why you need quali...

5 Dec 2022 · 5 min read

Electrical start-up methodology comparison op pump control from Carl Hamm

To prevent a surge to the motor, and pressure from building up in the column, the soft start controller jolts the machine, limiting the inflow of an electrical current. This relieves ...

22 Nov 2022 · < 1 min read

Carl Hamm delivers turnkey solution of AMD abstraction

Acid mine water is a disaster that is wreaking havoc in the depths of mines across South Africa. It is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen. By abstracting this dangerous li...

10 Nov 2022 · < 1 min read

Safe mineshafts conversion for water abstraction with ZSM systems from Carl Hamm

Redundant mines have an environmentally friendly solution with the ZSM riser pipes from Carl Hamm. Now you can use them for safe water abstraction. Look at how easy the installation o...

9 Nov 2022 · < 1 min read
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