The world has changed, and the agricultural sector is no exception. Farmers had to quickly adapt to the strange circumstances that dominated 2020. Shows, auctions and expos that were normally major events had to move to online platforms to conform to COVID regulations.

Agri4all is a website that was first launched in 2018. It enables the farmer to buy all the products and services that his farm needs without setting a foot outside of his own farm gate. Agri4all is conveniently divided into separate categories namely: Equipment, Vehicles, Livestock, Auctions, Property and Other. It covers everything that any farmer may need on a single, convenient e-commerce platform that is powered by ProAgri Media.

The farmer is the target audience.  Therefore, only agricultural-specific products and services are being advertised. No more scrolling through endless pictures of irrelevant products when you are looking for something in particular. Agri4all is the most populated website of its kind in Africa. It provides the best value for money to the advertisers, while the farmer has the widest variety of products and services to choose from.

Borders should not be trade barriers, and with Agri4all they certainly are not. Agri4all operates in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. To search within a certain country, simply select the country of your choice on the landing page.

There are plans in place to extend Agri4all’s African footprint even further in the near future. When Agri4all penetrates a new country, all the relevant agricultural businesses and organisations are approached to list their products and services on the website. This is often combined with a dedicated social media campaign that uses geotagging to ensure that the right products are marketed to the right users.

Farmers can get all the products they need simply by using their smartphones. Any enquiries that a farmer might have can be left in the comments facility on social media. The advertiser will be informed and can contact the farmer directly.

Through various platforms that include online, social, and printed media, ProAgri Media and Agri4all reaches about six million people every month.

In order to ensure that the product reaches the farmer safely and in due time, several logistics companies have been approached for their services. This includes cross-border logistics. It also provides the farmer with an opportunity to receive competing quotes that he can use to choose the option that will suit his needs as well as his budget.

Farmers themselves can use Agri4all to market their produce directly to the consumer without paying commissions to retailers and other middlemen. Agri4all is changing the way that farmers do business. It provides a safe and user-friendly trading platform where farmers can access products and services from the convenience of their own farms.

The products advertised on Agri4all are supported by editorial articles published in the ProAgri magazines and on the ProAgri website – The information in these articles enable the farmer to make informed decisions before spending his hard earned money.

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