Bahari Bay is the vacation living you have always dreamt of. With lush green forests, plenty of wildlife, a private river, lagoon, and beach access, Bahari Bay near Port Shepstone is more paradise than a secure residential estate.

It was the determination of a community and the collaboration of many stakeholders that made it possible for this serene eco-estate to take form.

The South Coast area was struggling with failing infrastructure, service delivery and various other problems, the community stood up and said … no more.

In 2021 community members started the Tidy Town initiative all the way down the South Coast. Stepping up the community took charge of their beaches, replaced pathways, and restored the once well-known South Coast to its future glory.

With individual community members taking responsibility for their areas, the businesses soon followed suit and have put up their own money to ensure the area stays clean.

A clean up may not sound like it can change a whole lot, but Tidy Towns led to a reduction in serious crimes, an increase in the reporting of minor crimes, job creation and collaboration with local municipalities and law enforcement, upgraded infrastructure and big plans for the future.

The most remarkable change came when developers showed interest in building upmarket developments. This created an increase in property values and expansion of the area, among these a R200 million mall in Port Shepstone and now a multi-billion-rand eco estate in the form of Bahari Bay.

A well-known architect in the area said he was amazed when he first saw Bahari Bay and added that the estate makes you feel like you are not even in Port Shepstone anymore.

He asks where else you will find a property of about 2 000 square meters in an estate. The way the homes are built in Bahari Bay gives you the privacy you won’t get from any other estate, with homes being built at minimum eight meters from each other. Half of the estate is surrounded by nature, and you can expect to run into plenty types of bucks and wild birds while living there.

Sharks flanker James Venter and his wife Megan recently visited Bahari Bay and said it is amazing to have first seen the renderings of various homes and later see it coming together, especially with the breathtaking views at Bahari Bay.

Bahari Bay promises endless beaches, tropical forests, breathtaking levels of biodiversity all in a perfectly balanced eco system located in the heart of the South Coast.

It is a nature lover’s haven with various walking- and bicycle trails, bird hides, picnic spots and play areas. Bahari Bay is an outdoor emergent for the whole family.

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Reference: Rainmaker Marketing.