Many farmers in South Africa, situated in remote areas, encounter challenges related to sluggish internet speeds and inadequate cellular phone coverage. This issue often stems from their distance from the nearest cell tower or obstructions like mountains and dense walls that impede cellular signals.

In addressing these challenges, Bolton Technical emerges as a beacon of hope for farmers, serving as the leading provider of cell phone signal boosters in South Africa.

The struggle with poor cellular coverage poses significant hurdles for farmers, impacting their ability to stay connected and access critical information. Moreover, it raises concerns about timely communication during essential activities such as medical emergencies or farm-related incidents.

Enter Bolton Technical – the solution for farmers seeking to overcome these connectivity barriers. Specializing in cell phone signal boosters, Bolton Technical offers turnkey cell phone signal booster solutions that support all mobile networks in SA (Vodacom, MTN, Telkom and Cell C) and all cellular devices.

Optimizing Cell Phone Reception on Farms

Farmers can now optimize cell phone reception within their farmhouses or other structures by employing Bolton Technical’s cellular signal boosters. Their user-friendly amplifiers effectively addresses poor cellular signals on farms, enhancing reception for both calls and data services.

Cell phone signal boosters for farms amplify existing weak signals up to thirty-two times, retransmitting the strengthened signal within farmhouses, cottages, or off-the-grid residences. A key advantage is that it entails a one-time purchase without any recurring monthly fees.

Notable Features of Farm Signal Boosters:

  • Improved 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage
  • Reliable reception and faster internet service
  • Compatibility with all phones and cellular devices
  • Support for all South African networks (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom)
  • Easy installation
  • No dependency on WiFi

The Significance of a Strong Signal on the Farm

Access to a robust cellular signal is crucial for precision farming, where technology plays a pivotal role. Farmers relying on phones for precision applications, security camera monitoring, and other IoT applications benefit immensely from enhanced connectivity.

ICT technologies in agriculture offer opportunities for improved efficiency and data gathering, including access to information, communication through online forums, and the use of farm management and data collection apps.

Bolton Technical’s Signal Boosters for Farmers:

  • WilsonPro A1000: Most powerful signal booster for agriculture
  • WilsonPro A500: Most popular signal booster choice for agriculture
  • weBoost AM-Pro 100: Best versatile option suitable for small areas, vehicles, tractors, and farming automation

How Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work:

  • The outside antenna captures existing 3G and 4G LTE signals.
  • The amplifier intensifies the signal up to thirty-two times.
  • The inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal within the farmhouse, home, or office.

Installation is hassle-free, and Bolton Technical provides resources on their website to assist clients. Bolton Technical also offers custom turnkey solution design and installation with their expert teams based in JHB and CPT. For those living far from cell towers, opting for a stronger booster is recommended.

Bolton ensures customer satisfaction by offering free delivery to major South African cities on orders over R750, a lifetime technical support guarantee, and a one-year warranty on all products.

For a free consultation, contact Bolton through local customer support at or call (JHB) 011-749-3085 or (CPT) 021 879 3057. Visit their website at to explore their range of solutions.