From ultra modern zip-detailed dresses to unique cashmere jackets, Hugo Flear made a massive impression on women at NAMPO 2024.

Hugo Flear, Designer and Owner of the brand, and Dennis Hamer, Brand Manager, welcomed women to try on their luxury unique garments, with the personal help of a stylist. Touching any garment you will be blown away by the luxury soft feel and immediately notice that it is less creasy than what you would expect from 100% linen.

Beautiful winter dresses.

Designed and manufactured in Cape Town, the Hugo Flear brand offers the best quality linen clothing available in South Africa, while contributing to sustainable fashion by using natural fibers for their clothes. Hugo Flear clothing does not scratch and can be washed in a washing machine, making the fabric easy to care for and use. Linen, being a natural fiber, provides a cosy, warm feel in the winter and in summer it breathes.

It is suitable for ageless women, with their signature protea design engraved in the fabric, making this brand unique and irresistible. They cater for sizes from extra small to double extra-large for all women with different body shapes to wear.

Elegant green dress with feminine features.

Dennis Hamer says, “The clothing sells itself because it is soft, elegant, and you will receive so many compliments when you wear Hugo Flear.”

If you missed their NAMPO stand, you can visit their website at