There’s good news for all drivers in South Africa! Mahindra also provides passenger vehicles for households. Mahindra’s line of pickups have proven themselves thoroughly on farms and elsewhere as tough workhorses that hold a candle to any other brand name. Now the car manufacturer’s passenger vehicles also find a home with South African families.

Two of the most popular Mahindra passenger vehicles are the XUV 300 and the XUV 700 SUVs. Both of these vehicles speak of safety and technological advancement. On top of that, owners also get the benefit of fuel efficiency in every model.

The XUV 300 for versatility in a compact body

The Mahindra XUV300 is a compact SUV. It has nice, big wheels and a high ground clearance so you can play around in the bush and drive in great comfort and ease on the dirt or tar road. This vehicle is ideal for families (five people) or lively young drivers.

Mahindra takes pride in the XUV 300’s emphasis on safety, space and fun. “The manufacturer proves that you can have a fun vehicle and be safe at the same time,” says Nico Grobler, General Manager of Raceview Motors in Alberton.

Nico Grobler, General Manager, and Floris Grobler, Sales Manager, at Raceview Motors in Alberton.

Features that make the XUV 300 so safe are the seven airbags: Side curtain airbags that protect both the front and rear occupants, front airbags, and knee protection airbags to protect the driver’s knees.

“The big attraction for many people is the 5-star NCAP safety rating,” he says.

The XUV 300 is available as a 1,2 ℓ turbo-powered petrol model or 1,5 ℓ turbo-powered diesel option, both of which are incredibly economical with fuel. “Our customers brag about how many kilometres they drive with a tank of fuel,” explains Floris Grobler, Sales Manager at Raceview Motors.

Buyers can consider the XUV 300 as it is easily overlooked. “Many people do not think of Mahindra when they look for a small, nippy family vehicle. When they hear the name, Mahindra, they immediately think of the pick-up bakkies that made Mahindra famous in South Africa. Mahindra bakkies are of course very popular among our farmers because they know they can use them practically on their farms. Well, if you can rely on Mahindra in your farming, so can your family!” Nico explains. “The price is also competitive against other brand names.”

The XUV 300 has a standard service plan and warranty of 150 000 km for five years. “When you compare this service plan to other vehicles in its class, most other brand names do not have the same value; these are usually shorter service plans. This shows Mahindra’s mindset of building long-term relationships with customers,” says Nico.

In general, good performance can be expected from the vehicle, just like with the pick-ups. Mahindra’s passenger vehicles do not compromise on the ingenuity of offering intelligent technology.

Mahindra’s XUV 700 is luxurious, powerful and safe

The Mahindra XUV 700 is a larger vehicle made for the driver who is attuned to all the luxury technological accessories and aesthetic additions of a larger class SUV. “Even though this model is bigger and more expensive, it still contains the same DNA,” Floris says.

The XUV 700 is built with intelligent ingenuity in mind. This range of high-spec vehicles boast ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) capabilities that provide the driver with advanced assistance. Features include lane keeping assistance, emergency braking, blind spot detection, 360-degree cameras and adaptive cruise control.

“The XUV 700 has a formidable 149 kW engine that produces 380 Nm of torque,” Floris explains. “Then it also has luxuries such as the Sony sound system that makes this model stand out.”

Test drive the XUV 700 today at Raceview Motors in Alberton and experience the advanced agility and technology offered by Mahindra passenger vehicles.

Call Floris Grobler at +2782-338-7538 or visit Mahindra’s website to find out more.