Security and safety are very important factors in any business.

HJN Training is a tertiary training company that trains people in security and safety in the private sector.

The company was founded by Hennie van Rooyen who served for many years in the police service.

“We have been in business for 22 years,” says Juandré Michau, Director of HJN Training.

“Our training programmes are uniquely formulated and compiled from more than 80 years of cumulative hands-on investigative experience in the criminal investigation and security training environments, all accredited by the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA). .”

HJN Training, with Head Quarters in Centurion and branches located in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Polokwane, and Vereeniging and is an organisation dedicated to the training of police, private and public sectors in their fight against crime and corruption.

HJN Training already presented training to more than 60 000 employees from more than 200 companies in South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Botswana.

They also sell forge protectors. “The forge detector is an exciting new product that is designed and patented by HJN Training to assist in the identification of forged documents, using ultra-violet light and X-Ray back-lighting features,” says Juandré.

They believe training is more that the transfer of knowledge. “Training is a life-changing experience. Our most popular programme is the policing one,” says Juandré.

HJN Training’s qualifications:

  • National certificate: Traffic management

This qualification equips the learner to understand the concept of Tactical Road Traffic Operations within the context of the road traffic safety management environment. It will assist learners to implement performance improvements at a team, project or small organization level.

  • National diploma: Policing

The purpose of this qualification is to obtain a nationally recognised qualification in the law enforcement environment and to uplift the professional standards of policing.

  • National certificate: Close protection (VIP)

This qualification is intended for individuals interested in the close protection field, be they new entrants, security personnel or government officials within the arena of safety in society, or other persons involved in close protection functions.

  • Private investigator

This qualification meets all the requirements for registration as a legal private investigator. This programme does not only equip legal practitioners, but ensures a high level of competency and professionalism.

  • Vehicle crime academy

The Vehicle Crime Academy trading under the auspices of HJN Training at Block 5 Centuria Office Park, 265 Von Willich Avenue, Lyttleton, Centurion, is an institution dedicated to the training of police, private and public sector members in their fight against vehicle related crimes.

HJN Training also sells various books on forensic investigations.

“Hennie van Rooyen, the Founder of the company wrote all the books based on knowledge he gained while serving in the police service,” says Juandré. “He also conveyed his knowledge to us.

HJN does not specialise in farm attacks but they offer a close protection programme that will equip a farmer with the necessary skills to defend himself in a farm attack.

Juandré gives a few tips on how to stay safe on farms:

  • Use security equipment to your advantage to buy you time in the run-up to a farm attack. Make sure alarms, infrared rays and electric fencing are always active.
  • Know your neighbours and area to contact them in a dangerous situation.
  • Go for training in self-defence or close protection to know what to do in a dangerous situation and to think clearly.
  • You must always be on the lookout for anything strange on your farm.
  • Do not leave your house under any circumstances at night to investigate sounds, alarms or anything else. Thieves think of anything to lure farmers out of their houses to attack them.

Contact HJN Training at 086-099-5220, 078-177-4023, send an e-mail to or go to for more information.