With the increased cost the risk of direct sowing cucurbits is become more difficult to justify and manage.  Sending expensive seed to Hishtil SA can reduce the risk by ensuring the best performance is gained from seed and the highest quality seedlings are planted in the field.

The following advantages are seen with farmers that made the switch from seed to Quality seedlings:

  • Uniformity – due to planting of uniform seedlings.
  • Improved final field stand and more efficient harvesting.
  • Losses of expensive seed can be minimised by effective use of plugs
  • Risk reduction due to shorter exposure in the field to pests and diseases such as rodents.
  • Using of seedlings will usually lead to earliness in yield.
  • Overcoming germination losses in harsh climatic conditions such as extreme heat and cold.
  • Saving of water and other resources due to reduced time in the field.
  • Improved planning and crop cycling due to predictable seedling delivery times from the nursery in turn leading to improved planning.
  • Allows usage of grafted seedlings to overcome soil born pathogens and enhance vigour 

An important point when moving from seed to seedlings is the fact that direct sown plants will develop a deep tap root.  This does not happen with seedlings as the root system develops differently.  Watering techniques should be adapted accordingly.

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