The company’s aim is to increase sustainability and to help farmers produce healthy crops over the long term.

In 2000, the Herholdt brothers began composting chicken manure and producing high-quality pelleted fertilisers at their factory near Philadelphia in the Western Cape.

Atlantic’s product range is well established throughout South Africa, and is even exported to countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Mauritius and Vietnam.

These products, and Atlantic’s approach to crop nutrition and soil conditioning, are already being implemented far and wide across South Africa.

This includes crops such as wine and table grapes, grains, cereals, pastures, berries, nuts, as well as citrus, fruit and vegetables.

Atlantic BioKelp X5

Originally the focus was to produce only organic and semi-organic fertilisers, which are still being produced, but according to need, a series of water-soluble mixtures were later added, as well as bio-stimulants, such as Ocean Nutrition (Fish hydrolysate) and Bio Kelp X5.

What are the advantages of semi-organic fertilising:

The benefits are locked in the synergy between organic and inorganic components.

In other words, the value of the combination between organic and inorganic fertilisation is greater than the value of the two components on their own.

Why semi-organic fertiliser?

  • Semi-organic fertilisation is not only about the product, but also about the principles and the practices that support it.
  • Fertilisation can react negatively as a result of too high or even too low a concentration.

Added value

  • Fewer negative effects in the root environment;
  • Promote greater contribution by soil organisms;
  • Less losses of nutrients;
  • Correct N:S ratio is pursued;
  • Custom micro-elements may be added as required

More about Atlantic’s products:

Soil improvers; The Organic Series

  1. Bio Ganic is a composted, pelletised chicken manure product that can be included as a soil conditioner in any conventional programme. This serves as a “manure practice” and contributes to improving the soils fertility status, as well as feeding the microbial-life present in the soil. As a result the soil structure is also improved over time.
  2. Bio Rock is a composted, pelletised chicken manure product enriched with soft rock phosphate that is used for the establishment of perennial crops. By mixing calculated quantities with the soil of the planting hole, a medium is created with safe concentrations of natural nutrients and humates that support root and crop development.
  3. Bio Ocean is also a composted and pelletised chicken manure product enriched with seaweed and fishmeal.

This product is particularly popular in crop farming during establishment by banding or broadcast spreading and working it shallowly into the seedbed before planting. This provides a strong background for seedling development and slow release of nutrients.

Enriched products: “The Bio Enrich Series” as well as prescription mixtures

These products are based on composted chicken manure, enriched with nutrients and then pelletised for a variety of applications, for example:

  1. Products for the establishment of cereals, pastures and legumes, (broadcasting and application by planters).
  2. Products to support perennial crops – especially in sandy and rocky soils.
  3. Products for the establishment and cultivation of vegetable crops.



Ocean Nutrition is a fish hydrolysate prepared by means of a cold enzymatic process. This product is rich in amino acids, omega 3 fish oil, peptides, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and proteins. It contributes to root development, nutrition of micro-organisms and the release of nutrients, especially nitrogen, from organic matter. This is a product with an indispensable contribution to soil health which, due to its form, can be absorbed directly by the plant. It has been approved by an organic certification organisation for organic farming in terms of EC and NOP regulations.

For more crop-oriented information, feel free to contact Atlantic Fertilisers’ team and also visit their website for testimonials and success stories.