Pasture is profit. That is the motto of BRAZGrass, but what does it actually mean? If your animals get the necessary nutrition to grow to their full potential and to be sold for a good price, you will make a profit.

Livestock farmers experiencing drought and struggling with natural pasture or other farmers that want to farm with livestock but does not have pasture can try BRAZGrass.

The grass is not just attractive, but also nutritious and animals love it.

Gielie Niewoudt, CEO of BRAZGrass, is well known at NAMPO and in the demo-plot the grass stand taller than him.

“See how our grass looks at NAMPO after 15 years. We have 300 000 hectares under BRAZGrass across South Africa,” says Gielie.

The seed of this crop can be planted every seven years and uses bullet technology. Bullet technology encapsulates the seed and ensures that it only starts germinating once there is adequate moisture in the soil. Then nothing can stop BRAZgrass.

There are three different BRAZGrass products: Brachiaria Marandu, Panicum Mombacu, and Brachiaria Piata.

A ten-kilogramme bag fills five to seven hectares and can be planted in late spring to high summer with a fine seed planter or sowed with a fertiliser spreader.

BRAZGrass is also a Ontbytsake Business of the Year 2024 finalist.

This is what BRAZGrass’ pastures looks like after 15 years at NAMPO. It is perfect for your livestock.

Important characteristics of BRAZgrass:

  • It is a perennial crop, which can be grazed 80 to 90 days from planting
  • Dry matter yield varies between 15 and 40 tonnes per hectare per year
  • Contains 10 to 18% crude protein in dry matter
  • No prussic acid
  • Suitable for all livestock and game
  • The company is the only distributor of bullet seed in the world

More Nieuwoudt businesses

The MH Nieuwoudt Group also have a wood shavings division. “We supply pine wood shavings that farmers can use in housing for chickens, horses, sheep and pigs,” Gielie says.

The shavings are ideal for housing for poultry and other animals.

They also have a tempting holiday destination, Klipdraai Caravan Park. It is the biggest caravan park in South Africa and with lovely facilities for weddings, 330 caravan stands, chalets, and a warm water swimming pool.

“The MH Nieuwoudt Group also owns the Bloufontein Wildlife Park near Meyerton. The park has lions, leopards, tigers and wild dogs,” he added. “Who works hard can play hard,” says Gielie.

Contact Gielie Nieuwoudt at 084-800-0193 or the office at 074-537-4050 for more information about his grass. You can also send an e-mail to or visit their website at