Increasing input costs, over-reliance on fertiliser, consumer pressure to farm more sustainably, government regulations to reduce greenhouse gases, the unpredictable effects of climate change… the list of modern farmers’ concerns goes on.

For two pioneering South African companies, there’s only one viable solution: regenerative agriculture.

According to Zylem and RegenZ, incorporating regenerative farming practices allows many farmers to improve their yields, reduce their carbon footprints, and boost their bottom line by using fewer chemical inputs, improving soil health, and growing healthier plants. Ultimately, farming more regeneratively benefits the sustainability of the farm, as well as the wellbeing of the people it supports and feeds.

The realistic way to go regenerative

Let’s face it; farmers can’t simply cut all chemicals and switch to regenerative farming overnight. Transitioning to regenerative farming in a periodised and manageable way makes the process affordable and sustainable in the long term.

Through a wealth of resources and networks, Zylem and RegenZ represent technology, services and products that help farmers farm more sustainably, step-by-step.

Sustainable products for a sensible transition

Evolved for over a decade, Zylem’s product range includes biological soil amendments, nutrition and foliar feed products, and biological soil conditioners designed to encourage sustainable activity and assist with regenerative agriculture.

Zylem also represents Nutri-Tech Solutions® (Australia) products in South Africa, world leaders in discovering viable alternatives to extractive, chemical agriculture. Zylem’s products are currently being used on more than 2000 farms around South Africa, and are also available for export.

Transforming human health and nutrition through agriculture

Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body. Like the direct connection between nutrition and optimal health, there’s also a direct link between healthy soil, healthy environments, healthy plants, healthy food, and healthy humans.

By providing an integrated service to agricultural and horticultural communities in Southern Africa, focusing on sustainably and regeneratively improving soil health and plant health, and researching and developing new, improved products and crop production technology, Zylem’s ultimate aim is to improve human health and nutrition.

To build on this ambition, Zylem’s sister company, RegenZ, was created as a vehicle for researching, testing, and commercialising innovations in agricultural technology, with an emphasis on promoting regenerative farming practices.

The discovery, evaluation and implementation of improved sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices and products holds the key to productive farming and healthy communities and economies.

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About Zylem

Zylem provides agricultural products and technical services aimed at improving sustainable and regenerative farming in Southern Africa. We source and manufacture biological foliar fertilisers and soil conditioners distributed through various networks in Southern Africa.

About RegenZ

RegenZ pioneers and promotes innovative agricultural and food production technologies and practices in Southern Africa. It’s the company’s goal to help large-scale farming operations take manageable, commercially-viable steps toward regenerative agriculture and soil practices.