For some time now, Syngenta Zambia did not have an alternative seed treatment solution for soya bean in Zambia other than DIVIDEND® Extreme. They had been providing some third-party products to supplement the limited portfolio in Zambia. In other markets like LATAM and Europe. Syngenta is the leader in seed treatment solutions. In Zambia, Syngenta has been carrying out some trials for APRON® Plus Beans; a seed-applied fungicide and ATUVA®, an inoculant.

The team started registering this portfolio some three years ago riding on the successes recorded in South Africa and the increasing challenges of soya bean early diseases. They started registering their own brands in this space and APRON® Plus Beans was the first to be registered. Early last year, they started the registration of ATUVA®, an inoculant for soya bean. After registration, the team decided to have a double product launch in collaboration with other local partners. This was a cross-functional activity which was conducted in Mkushi; an area with the highest concentration of commercial farmers that cultivates soya beans, maize, wheat, and other crops. The event was opened with welcoming remarks by Given Mudenda who is the BA Head for Southern Africa Business Area (SABA). This was followed by product presentations.

Felix Tembo, Seedcare Key Account Manager.

The presentations were in four parts; Felix Tembo and Chimfwembe Kuyokwa presented APRON® Plus Beans. The results from Zambia were consistent with South African results which were showing a consistent increase in yields from fields treated with APRON® Plus Beans. Fields treated with the products were showing an average of 10% yield increase compared to the untreated.

Farmers felt engaged and asked questions about the product including when the product would be available in the country.

Chimfwembe Kuyokwa, the Field Scientist presenting the local results of APRON Plus Beans.

Later on, Ignacio Ardanaz presented ATUVA®. The presentation again was exciting and engaging. Farmers were on hand to ask questions including those bordering on soil health. To make it more exciting between presentations, Menti quizzes were conducted, and several farmers won different prizes, including free products and many other goodies.

Farmers following the demonstration on the GEPETTO treater by Wayne.

The presentations were wrapped up by Wayne van Rensburg who shared with the farmers how to store and protect seeds. He further went on to demonstrate how soya bean seed can be protected with APRON® Plus Beans. The quality of the seed was so appreciated by the farmers that they continued to inquire how they could source the GEPETTO treaters.

Farmers attentively listening to the presentations.

After all the presentations, the team mingled with farmers who kept on asking questions and commending Syngenta for the technologies. During the event, the sales team managed to get several orders for both products, and we are now awaiting the grand arrival of the products for the main season which starts in October. To sum it up, the event was a success, and farmers are already asking about these products.