Multiknit’s revolutionary shade fabric, DriZ is an all-weather shade net that can be used for many applications and comes in many colours. This shade netting is not only efficient but can also enhance the look and feel of your outdoor areas.

DriZ can be used for:

  • Carports and canopies: DriZ can be used in the construction of carports, canopies and patio coverings
  • Vehicle and boat covers: DriZ is ideal for industrial and commercial car lots, boat parks and valet parking areas
  • Sport and recreation: DriZ provides rain protection for golf driving ranges, tennis courts, soccer fields and athletic venues.

Things to keep in mind when erecting a carport or canopy:

  • Size and dimensions: Measure the vehicle or parking space you want covered carefully to determine the appropriate size. Consider the height, width and length of your vehicle and ensure there is enough clearance for easy access and manoeuvring.
  • Detached or attached: Decide whether you want the carport to be attached or detached from you building.
  • Attachment points: Identify suitable attachment points. These could be existing points like poles or walls, or it can be purpose-built supports.
  • Fasteners: Decide on the type of fasteners you want to use. Cable ties, hooks, or other fasteners can be used. These must be spaced evenly for stability.
  • Maintenance: Keep in mind that you will have to maintain your netting by inspecting it regularly for wear and tear and damage.

Netting as vehicle and boat covers:

  • Lightweight and portable: Netting is lightweight and easy to transport. You can roll it up for convenient storage. This makes it ideal to cover belongings when traveling or when the vehicle is not in use.
  • Durable and UV resistant: High-quality netting is durable and resistant to wear and tear, while UV resistant netting protects against sun damage.
  • Customisable: Netting can be cut to fit any shape or size.

Netting for sports venues:

Among others, netting creates a safety barrier for both athletes and spectators. This prevents serious injuries which can be caused by flying objects. Athletes benefit by not being distracted by fans.

When choosing netting for your sports venue keep in mind what the net will be used for, the size of your venue, the sport type and potential hazards.

DriZ come in a variety of colours. They have a standard colour range and a non-standard colour range. Each colour has a different shade factor percentage and UV block out percentage.

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