Christabel Blanch is the sales manager for Africa. She explains that they sell their products all over the world, over 6 continents and more than 150 countries. 

Alvan Blanch produce grain drying and processing equipment. All their products are British engineered and manufactured. All their products come from their factory in the UK where they work with state of the art equipment and processes.

They aim to produce their products in such a way that it suits the client’s requirements.

After a harvest, the farmer wants to clean, dry and store their grains, for which the Alvan Blanch grain dryers are perfect. These dryers are known all over the world. This machine is adjustable and you can dictate how deep or shallow the grains are, depending on how wet or dry your grains are. There is also a cooling section built into the machine.

This is the only drier on the market that cleans as well as dries!

Drying your grains means you get to put the next crop in the ground quicker and you aren’t delayed by rain.

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