Smallholder farmers tend to farm in areas that have vast potential, yet the challenges facing these farmers are countless. To turn passion into productivity requires effective solutions, tailored to meet the needs of these farmers.

Kynoch has a rich history of providing farmers with granular, liquid and speciality fertilisers. But their success means nothing without the steadfast relationships built with farmers over the years.

One farmer who surely turned her passion into productivity is Ditlhare Christinah Moloi. Christinah is a female farmer who pursued her dreams when purchasing her farm in the Bethlehem and Senekal area of the Eastern Free State, in the year 2000.

Christinah shares her story: “In the year 2000 I started farming here with four cows. Over the years I have really worked hard to buy more cattle every month, whereafter I invested some money and managed to buy twenty head of cattle the year thereafter, and eventually expanded to 135 cows.”

Lehlohonolo Godfree Phakoe (son), Pontso Shadrack Mokoena (Kynoch agent) and Ditlhare Christinah Moloi (mother).

“Through the years I have tried several times to plant some crops on the farm, but I struggled a lot, so I gave it up, and preferred to put my focus on the cattle,” she adds.

Christinah’s 26 year old son, Lehlohonolo Godfree Phakoe, has always been involved in the farming operation. He says: “My mother has been working so hard on the farm over the years, taking care of us, and she was truly an inspiration to me. One thing she always said was: I’m doing this for you!”

He says: “In the year 2017, when I matriculated, my mother decided to retire, whereafter I took over the farming operation. I sold some cattle since the farm was overgrazed, and decided this year, the year 2020, I will plant a successful harvest.”

Pontso advises Lehlohonolo and Christinah on the sunflower’s growth.

Kynoch is committed to developing relationships with farmers

Aside from providing the best fertiliser blends to local communities, Kynoch is dedicated to partnering with farmers and developing relationships with them from the beginning.

Lehlohonolo was positive and motivated to plant a successful harvest. A farmer in the Vrede district referred Lehlohonolo to Pontso Shadrack Mokoena, the Kynoch agent in the area.

“The reason why he directed me to contact Mr Pontso, was because he has never failed with Kynoch fertiliser,” says Lehlohonolo.

“I contacted Mr Pontso because I knew nothing about planting! Nothing at all,” he admits. “The only thing I knew was that the cattle on the farm need to be fed if I am planning to take them to the auctions,” he adds.

Lehlohonolo explains: “Mr Pontso advised us to start small. With the money from the cattle that we sold we bought a tractor, a six-row planter, an offset disc and a small ripper. After we purchased our equipment, we were very excited and ready to take on this new journey! Mr Pontso came to the farm, he took some soil samples and after two weeks, he called again telling us that the results were ready and that we should discuss it.

“Mr Pontso helped us through every step of the way. He advised me on where we should plant what, and which Kynoch fertiliser would be required. We started planting 40 ha of soya beans and 60 ha of yellow maize. The yield in our first year was very good. The following year, we went back to Mr Pontso, telling him that he had the winning recipe for year one and that we wanted to plant again the following year,” he adds.

Sunny sunflowers blooming beautifully thanks to Kynoch fertiliser.

“Year after year we have seen improvements in our yields and our soil.”

“I managed to expand our farming operation, and afterwards I also obtained some farming land in the Senekal area, where Mr Pontso advised me to plant sunflowers. I managed to buy another tractor and expand our farming land to plant more the following year. In the following year I planted 190 ha of sunflowers, 40 ha of soya beans and 50 ha yellow maize.”

Lehlohonolo explains: “We use Kynoch’s fertiliser on all our crops, and the products we mainly use are the Kynoch Soy Magic, KynoFulvate Yellow and Soya OEMFF on our soya beans. On our maize we use .2.1 or 3.2.1 also known as KynoPlus, and for our top dressing we use 1.0.0 (40) + 6% S from Kynoch.

“I am very thankful to Mr Pontso and the Kynoch team. If it were not for him and the Kynoch products that I’ve used, I would have known nothing about planting, and we would not have been able to have a successful harvest year after year. Our yields are good, Kynoch’s fertiliser products are good, and I would never ever want to change, because we have a good relationship and friendship with Mr Pontso and Kynoch,” Lehlohonolo concludes.

Christinah in the soya bean field.

Kynoch as a company has been in South Africa for more than 100 years. Even when you are a small-scale farmer or a big commercial giant. They build the same kind of trust, and are committed to supporting farmers through every step of the way.

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