The Corteva Crop Protection team are looking forward to the NAMPO Grain SA Harvest Day taking place between 14 and 17 May 2024.

This year we shall focus on our potato, maize, citrus and soya bean portfolio. Be sure to enquire about our versatile and innovative range of crop protection solutions that aim to keep our environment, our farmers and the future of agriculture at heart.

Look out for our Heart of Agriculture team who will be on hand to guide and assist you with all of your crop and product-related queries.

Ask us about our potato, maize, citrus, and soya bean crop protection portfolio:


Zorvec® Encantia® 330 SE (Reg. No. L11227) is a revolutionary fungicide, that targets late blight (Phytophthora infestans), a detrimental pathogen known to compromise local potato growth.

Hit® 500 SC (Reg. No. L7575) is a fungicide (suspension concentrate) for the control of early blight on potatoes and tomatoes.


Closer® 240 SC (Reg. No. L9694) Isoclast® Active is an insecticide that can be used on citrus crops and potatoes to target sap-feeding insect pests and is effective against insect populations that are resistant to other classes of insecticides.

Uphold® 360 SC (Reg. No. L10164) Jemvela ® Active is an insecticide that delivers quick knockdown and long residual control of Lepidopteran pests. This includes hard-to-control lepidopteran species on maize, all cruciferae vegetables, sweetcorn and sorghum.

Delegate® 250 WG (Reg. No. L8392) JemvelvaTM Active is a water dispersible granule contact and stomach insecticide for the control of lepidopteran species on a variety of crops including citrus and potato.


Pixxaro® 266 EC (Reg. No. L11191) is an emulsion concentrate herbicide for pre-plant burn down of broadleaf weeds on fallow lands and selective early post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds in soya beans and wheat.

Strongarm® 840 WG (Reg. No. L8663) is a water dispersible granule herbicide for use in tank mixtures as recommended by the label and for preemergence control of annual grasses, broadleaf weeds and under certain conditions, also yellow nutsedge in crops as indicated on the label.

Surestart® (Reg. No. L10385) is a systemic suspension emulsion herbicide for the pre and early post emergence control of annual broadleaf weeds and some annual grasses in maize.

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