Lehlohonolo Pahkoe is a young farmer in the Free State, where he helps his mom on their family farm. 

His mom bought a farm in the year 2000 where she started with four cows. She tried planting, but struggled to have success in that.

In 2017 Lehlohonolo started farming completely on his own even though he didn’t know a lot about the business. In 2020 he started planting on the farm. A friend recommended Kynoch fertiliser to him and he reached out to a Kynoch representative. The Kynoch representative came to the farm, took soil samples and helped Lehlonholo assess which fertiliser to use as well as how and where to plant.

The yield just kept getting better each year.  Up until this year there has been no loss and the yield just keeps on improving. Lehlohonolo says he will never want to use a different fertiliser again.

Visit www.kynoch.co.za to find out more about their fertilisers.