Kynoch Fertilizer has been a plant nutrition partner for South African farmers for over a hundred years, offering innovative and purpose-built products based on the needs and growth phases of various crops. They are committed to providing each farmer with the expert advice and support needed for successful crops year after year. As part of their mission to enhance efficiency through innovation, Kynoch has also released a brand-new online series called “Kynoch Cares about the Farmer” available on all platforms.

Kynoch cares about the farmer!

Whether you are a small farmer or a commercial giant, Kynoch cares about your crops, yields and profits.

Kynoch offers a full range of products that meet the specific requirements of various plants and their growth phases. Using their products can significantly improve both the efficiency of the fertiliser and the crop, resulting in higher yields and greater economic gains. They have a knowledgeable support staff ready to assist customers in finding the right fertiliser product for their specific needs.

Kynoch works hand in hand with you on your farm from the start to help you get the most out of your crops, with enhanced efficiency, crop quality, and yield potential.

These results support Kynoch’s motto: “Enhanced efficiency through innovation”

Agriculture is concerned with interpersonal connections, families, and family values. Kynoch is thrilled to announce the premiere of its brand-new online short series across all platforms. The first video in the series, Kynoch cares about the farmer, here.

Kynoch has a full range of products that meet the plant-specific and growth phase-specific needs of your crops. Speak to one of Kynoch’s local managers, sales team, or agronomists to find out more about their products that will meet your needs.

To learn more about Kynoch and their products, visit their website at, call them on 011-317-2000, or send an email to With the increasing emphasis on the importance of sustainability in the agricultural sector, Kynoch is positioned to be your long-term partner in ensuring optimal crop yields. Get in touch with them today and find out how they can help you grow the future.

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