Do you struggle to grow your crops? Is your soil barren? Are you lost and discouraged? Kynoch introduces: Ultra Starter!

This new Ultra-range from Kynoch is perfect to put new life into your soil and crops.

Whether you are farming with fruit, nuts, vegetables or pastures, this fertiliser can give you a head start. It can be used in a variety of granular programmes, making it an ideal option for many. It is diverse and can be used at planting time, but also post-emergence as a top dressing.

Wat is Ultra fertiliser?

It is a dry, premium granular fertiliser containing a variety of nutrients with nitrogen, phosphorus, additional sulphur, magnesium, and a specialised potassium source that has a lower salt index.  It is coated with a highly concentrated micro-element formulation supplying zinc, iron, manganese, copper, and boron to the plant.

The Ultra-range is specially designed for plants in need of micro-elements.

It is simple to use and is applied in the same manner as you would a standard granular fertiliser. As with all Kynoch’s products you have the added advantage of support by a Kynoch agriculturalist that can give suggestions on application time, technique and volume.

Why Ultra Starter?

Any plant that has a good strong start will outperform plants that struggle to obtain nutrients in those first crucial weeks. When the growing season starts, the micro-elements in the fertiliser will be immediately available to provide a strong start to your crops.

It is perfect for your crops’ optimal growth, development, and production. The Ultra-range is easy to use and ensures that your crops enjoy a balanced nutritional approach.

There is a whole list of conditions that can lead to a deficiency of micro-elements. The formulation of Ultra Starter ensures that these elements stay available.

Fertiliser generally lowers the pH of specific zones around the fertiliser granules. This helps the micro-elements to remain available for plant uptake for longer. It is therefore also perfect for soil with a higher pH.

All the elements that Ultra Starter contains.

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