If you are looking for a fertiliser that will increase your crops’ ability to handle stress, Kynoch has the solution for you. Kynoch’s KynoFulvate Yellow fulvic acid is the answer to questions you did not even know you had.

Fulvic acid – how, what, and why?

According to research, fulvic acid increases a plant’s metabolism. This yellow-brown liquid fertiliser causes better plant growth and increases the plant’s stress tolerance.

Fulvic acid differs from humic acids in that it is soluble in both acidic and alkaline media. Humic acids transport metal ions through a complexation effect. Humic acids are too large to pass through cell membranes. Fulvic acid molecules, on the other hand, are small enough to pass through the micropores of cell membranes. This means that fulvic acids can transport metal ions such as iron and micro-nutrients.

Furthermore, fulvic acids lead to the increase of lateral root growth, root length and root hair length. The latter is very important for good nutrient absorption. In this way, fulvic acids improve overall root growth.

With something as unpredictable as rain, the possibility for droughts is always there. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your plant is ready to handle drought. The KynoFulvate Yellow fulvic acid makes your plant more tolerant to drought stress by increasing the amino acids within the cells of the plant. This results in the plant still being able to grow and develop despite droughts.

Microbes use fulvic acids as a food source. It therefore forms an important part of soil biology.

Fulvic acids are easy to use. It can be mixed with acid and alkaline solutions, which means it can be mixed with a variety of fertiliser solutions. However, it is wise to test it first on a small scale.

To see excellent results from fulvic acid, it can be used in combination with nitrogen applications.

Depending on what you want to use this fertiliser for, application will vary. Foliar application, for example, differs from application for fertigation. For more information on foliar application, root drench, fertigation and soil applied liquid fertiliser, the Kynoch website is extremely helpful.

This Kynoch fertiliser is a must-have for almost all farmers. It can be used in most agricultural crops. It is perfect for crops that are in their establishment stage. If your area is prone to extreme climatic conditions, this is the fertiliser for you.

A summary of different application methods for this fertiliser.

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