“Go green” is no longer a new concept, but when it comes to Kynoch’s KynoKelp it takes on a whole new meaning!

KynoKelp is a green liquid seaweed suspension that can be used as foliar or root application. It contains macro and micro-elements. This natural product comes from the kelp species Ecklonia maxima, which grows along the Atlantic coast of Southern Africa.

What do I do with it?

The seaweed suspension is used as foliar feeding or soil application. The liquid is easily absorbed by the plant.

It is extremely useful for boosting root growth, so it can be used especially during germination, transplanting or when unfavourable conditions limit or hinder root growth.

Even if your plant’s roots are in good condition, KynoKelp can help maintain the root system. It can also be applied during bud formation, fruit set and rapid fruit development.

Stress conditions are detrimental to the plant’s growth and development. To counteract this negative effect, KynoKelp can be used. Stress conditions include, for example, high saline levels or extreme temperatures.

What makes it different?

KynoKelp promotes root development in plants. The strong roots can then absorb nutrients more easily and reduce water consumption. It helps to form strong plants that increase yields. The stress experienced by plants during fruit formation or other stressful conditions is combated by KynoKelp.

How do I use it?

Application is not a “one size fits all”. It depends on the type of crop, plant growth stage, the degree of adverse conditions, and the response required. For example, if only maintenance is required, a much lower dose is used than if a plant is under extreme stress conditions.

Below is a table showing recommended dosage for a variety of crops and application time.

It is ideal to use this product in the early morning or late afternoon.

To prevent any problems, a miscibility test must be done before KynoKelp is mixed with other fertilisers. It is also important not to exceed the maximum application rates per hectare.

A summary of application methods and quantities.

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