Hentie Cilliers is a Kynoch agronomist who tells us more about the KynoHumate Black.

Organic matter releases humic acids when it decomposes which are beneficial to your plants and soil. It’s hard to grow organic matter. That’s where KynoHumate Black comes in.

It is a black liquid containing long carbon chains. It contains humic substances that have a positive effect on the soil and plants and the nutrients in the soil. This reduces the leaching of your nitrogen and is absorbed on your oxides which block phosphate absorption and thus keep more phosphate available for the plant. This increases the movement of lime in the soil.

KynoHumate Black gets the best results when applied close to the roots. It increases root development and microbe growth.

For more information, visit www.kynoch.co.za or info@kynoch.co.za.