With temperatures rising, growers are experiencing increased pest pressure from common insects such as lepidoptera, aphids (aphidoidea), and whiteflies (aleyrodidae).

Growers should follow recommended key steps to ensure they get the correct insecticide for their pest infestation before buying any insecticide. Syngenta offers a range of insecticide solutions.

Our newest addition to our range is PlesivaTM Star, a new systemic solution with dual modes of action against hard to control sucking pests, including neonicotinoid resistant whiteflies (aleyrodidae) and lepidoptera pests, mainly for use in tomato, peppers, potatoes, tobacco, and other crops as listed on the label.

Key steps to selecting the right insecticide

Insect pest identification

Precise insect pest identification is the first step in coming up with an effective pest management program. Never attempt to start spraying when you are unsure of the pest, as the application of the wrong insecticide will have cost implications and can waste valuable time. The more knowledgeable the grower is about the pest, the factors that influence its development and its manifestation, the easier it is to successfully implement the best pest management programme cost-effectively.

Crucially, growers must know the lifecycle of the pest, in order to know the best timing for the application of crop protection solutions. Contact Syngenta’s field experts through our helpline and Facebook page for assistance in the identification of pests and guidance.

Decision making

It is important to note that the application of insecticides should happen preventatively or at the first signs of infestation, regular scouting is important. Selecting the correct insecticide involves looking at active ingredients, dosage rates, pre-harvest intervals and other technical information to choose the right insecticide for your needs. Over and above our innovative solutions, Syngenta offers technical support from our field team, which can help you make the right choice.

Selection and Spraying
With all information in hand, growers should proceed to purchase their selected insecticide. Plesiva™ Star provides a robust and reliable solution for aphids (aphidoidea), lepidoptera (including tuta absoluta), whiteflies (aleyrodidae) and leafminers in tomatoes. Potato tuber moth (phthorimaea operculella), Colorado beetle (leptinotarsa decemlineata), whitefly (aleyrodidae), American bollworm (helicoverpa armigera), and aphids (aphidoidea) in potatoes. Green peach (Myzus persicae), budworm (Heliothis spp.), leafminer, whiteflies (aleyrodidae) and false wireworm (tenebrionidae) in tobacco.

Plesiva™ Star’s low dose rate and short PHI makes it a great choice additionally it is versatile and gives the grower the flexibility of use as foliar or soil application at the time of planting (in tobacco) as well as the peace of mind for use in integrated pest management (IPM) programmes.

Always follow label instructions concerning product application and always use personal protection equipment when applying any pesticide. To learn more about Syngenta’s innovation and sustainability efforts, please visit www.syngenta.com.