Ag Growth International (AGI)’s mission is to advance storage, handling and processing solutions that strengthen the global food supply chain. They provide equipment solutions that meet the unique needs of key grain, rice, fertiliser and feed producing regions around the world.

Modderbult Farm is a well-known name in South Africa and the company’s success has been built over generations. The father-and-son farming team with Pieter Brits and his son Dawie have been farming together for almost 20 years in the Balfour district on the Eastern Highveld. Pieter grew up on the farm and started farming with his father until he took over, and his son is following the same path. Modderbult Farm’s poultry section consists of twenty-four broiler houses, each housing around 44 000 broilers. They also grow maize and soya beans on the farm and have a cattle branch.

Pieter says: “We started mainly with a maize farm and over the years expanded with soya beans and cattle. Due to the scarcity of land here in our area, we decided to expand further with poultry, which today constitutes a large part of our enterprise.

“I am very excited about the future of Modderbult, it is nice to know that the next generation will take over. The new plans, ideas, and suggestions that Dawie brings to the table are very valuable. My generation of farmers does not usually make use of all the latest technology available; just when I think we’ve reached the limit, Dawie comes with a whole new outlook and then our horizons broaden again. At the beginning of 2021, Pieter and Dawie identified the need to set up their own grain silos on the farm. They mentioned that the transport costs to the commercial silo and back became unmanageable.

“After considering various options, AGI’s equipment stood out for us. If you look at what is offered, the equipment itself, the way it is built and erected, and of course the price which plays a big role, AGI was the answer,” explains Dawie. When it comes to agricultural solutions, farmers are looking for more than just a supplier. They want someone with whom they can collaborate, walk a path and who can help them achieve their business goals more easily and efficiently.

Dawie says: “We had the vision in our heads and AGI put the whole picture in perspective for us and then it all quickly made sense. To see the sum on paper and weigh the risks and profit against each other … it makes the big difference, being able to make use of your own storage facility.

“We investigated in advance exactly what our needs were, what we needed for our farming enterprise and at what rate we had to load and unload, and the silos were designed and erected accordingly. We looked at the capacity of our harvester and how quickly we unload, as well as what is needed if we also want to accommodate some of our neighbours and other farmers in the area.”

Pieter and Henrihet Brits, with their son, Dawie.

Dawie explains: “After planning and putting our minds together with the AGI team, we set up two 2 500-tonne silos, mainly for soya beans, and we are now expanding our two 5 000-tonne silos for the storage of maize.”

This will therefore increase Modderbult’s storage capacity to 15 000 tonnes.

“Establishing these silos are going to make things so much easier and more efficient for our farming, as we can deliver when we need and want to deliver, especially with our soya beans; soya beans being a sensitive crop. We are now able to harvest, take in and store our soya beans as we need to,” he adds. “The system was also designed so that we can load and unload at 120 tonnes per hour simultaneously. A crucial part of the handling equipment is the AGI MPL 120 classifier-cleaner, which provides us with the means to clean our various commodities and deliver a better product. After various commodities have been cleaned, the by-products are kept to feed our cattle.

“We really liked AGI’s quality and their team. We have come a long way with Dwight Botha, AGI’s Sales Manager in South Africa. It is nice to work with competent people who understand your needs and want to walk the path with you, offering a complete range of products and services with modern technology. When I asked for changes, they were very happy to implement them, always providing good and valuable advice. They delivered what they said they were going to deliver,” says Dawie.

“We will not use anyone but AGI in the future.”

Dwight says: “I believe and trust that the benefit and added value of the storage facility will make an enormous contribution to Moddderbult in their future successes. We at AGI are focused on providing solutions to our clients, rather than only products, and to provide tailormade solutions according to clients, unique needs. We have a dedicated team in Africa, and we understand the needs and circumstances of farmers.”

“Family farming is the future of agriculture in South Africa, but it is not always as easy as everyone thinks. Many people come to the farm and only see the beauty and the lifestyle, but farming remains a challenge and hard work. Farming is not only our passion, but also a vocation; it is an incredible privilege to be able to pass it on from one generation to the next,” says Dawie.

“I have two sons and it is so rewarding for me to see how passionate they are about the farm and farming, and I hope to see them farming in the future. It is rewarding to instill the love for farming in them from a young age, which makes it so much easier to keep the family farming alive. It makes me excited for the future to know that one day they will follow in the family’s footsteps,” concludes Dawie.

AGI’s footprint in Zambia

AGI is actively involved in projects in Zambia as well as the rest of Sub Sahara Africa and East Africa. AGI have sucessfully completed various farming and commercial projects in the past few years, and their expert team is ready to assist you, whether it may be a farming project or a commerial grain storage facility. What sets AGI apart from their competitors is their commitment to a partnership with their clients. AGI is dedicated to their clients and proves this by assisting them to the final installation and commissioning of the system.

Rely on the AGI advantage for your next project. For more information on AGI’s equipment, solutions and service contact Osman Dodia, AGI’s certified dealer and installer in Zambia, by sending an e-mail to or by contacting him on +260-955-800-009 or +260-977-772-082. Alternatively visit AGI’s website at

Modderbult Farming’s AGI storage facility:

  • 2 x 2 500 tonne flat bottom silos
  • Commercial handling equipment: Loading: 120 tonnes per hour Unloading: 120 tonnes per hour
  • AGI MPL 120 classifier-cleaner
  • Fully automatic temperature sensing system

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