“National Milling continues to grow. We have great confidence in this country and this region. Zambia is a good market, a good place to be and a good place to do business.” These confident words were spoken by Sven Pihlblad, General Manager for the Stockfeed Division of National Milling corporation in Zambia.

National Milling is a leading milling company that supplies world-class food to both humans and livestock. They are the largest flour miller in Zambia. This company has a state-of-the-art plant that supplies various ranges of high-quality flour. They also supply maize meal, rice and pasta.

On the feed side, National Milling supplies stock feed to all the major livestock of Zambia, mainly for poultry but also for pigs and ruminants.

About five years ago, Zambia realised that they have a shortage of fish. They had to import 80%of the fish they required. Yet, Zambia has the right environment, the water, the agricultural resources, the maize and the soya beans, to breed fish. Realising this, National Milling jumped at the opportunity to be part of this important industry.

“We have invested into fish feed production, and we are excited about playing an important role in the fish production of the country,” Sven says.

National Milling believes that the private sector and the government should work together to develop agriculture. “It is going well. We have invested and we are happy with the progress of this industry. We expect to grow in leaps and bounds over the next ten years or so.”

National Milling has the milling game in the bag.

National Milling is present all over Zambia. One of the mottos by which they operate is that their products and services are available nationwide. “We have over fifty depots all over the country, manned by well-qualified staff that render a valuable service to customers.”

“We have been in this country for over 60 years, possibly with a few earlier owners, but largely with National Milling as the 100 percent owner.” With a strong history and foundation, National Milling are the movers and shakers of their industry.

As always, there are a few ups and downs. The season of drought has an impact on all contributors in the sector. Raw materials supply is anticipated to be short. Inflation will then increase, which will affect the cost of production for the farmers and consumers. “This is a temporary setback, but National Milling will continue to grow.”

If you are interested in any of National Milling’s products, you can visit their head office in Lusaka. Give them a call at 096-677-2380 or send an e-mail to feedsales@nmc.co.zm.