When you or your family are sick, you want only the best medical staff to care for you. When your plants need a little love, NviroCrop is the team you need.

NviroCrop offers independent agricultural services that can help with the sustainability of your farming. They are not affiliated with any suppliers, but believe in supporting farmers in their decision-making before and during the growing season.

Cobus Burger, Managing Director of NviroCrop, explains that they not only provide advice but also have their own laboratory in Somerset-Wes. Here, they can meticulously analyse your soil, leaf, and water samples to ensure they offer the best advice.

The team that leads their geographical information system creates application maps and makes recommendations for the variable application of fertilisers and crop protection products to farmers.

They are certainly not newcomers; the company was founded in 2007 and has been sharing its agricultural knowledge with its clients for 17 years.

“Our goal is to gather information and give farmers advice on what they need to make a difference on their farms,” says Cobus, adding that they can help with strategies if problems arise in the fields.

NviroCrop uses its own information system, Precision Gateway, and through satellite technology and data sets entered on the platform, they can monitor your farm directly throughout the season.

Besides monitoring crop growth, the system also sends out a pre-warning that can inform a farmer if there are areas in their field that may cause problems later in the season.

Cobus Burger, Managing Director of NviroCrop, explains how independent advisory services can benefit farmers.

The company is based in Potchefstroom but operates throughout South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia, and parts of Mozambique. They specialise in both winter and summer grain crops, as well as fruits.

“There are many agricultural experts in the market who support an input company with the products they provide to farmers. We do not need to promote any products from suppliers; what we do is honestly look at the reasons why certain production levels might not be achieved,” explains Cobus.

For expert advice to improve your production levels, contact NviroCrop today.