Omnia actively pursues the science of growing all over the globe, but also in Zambia. Omnia Zambia has been operating out of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, for close to 30 years. With the implementation of the Omnia Neology concept, which includes not only selling the product but also being there for the farmer throughout the growing process, Omnia is committed to providing a holistic approach to their farmers. Their business model is predicated on providing for all agriculturalists in Zambia.

Everything from a preliminary soil sample through consultation, fertiliser applications, crop protection, crop production, and finally, marketing. They would like to become an integral part of the farmer’s portfolio because they consider themselves an integral part of the farmer’s business. Their business model is predicated on providing for all agriculturalists in Zambia. Omnia has opened a “one-stop shop solution” to provide farmers with all agricultural inputs in an effort to expand its customer base nationwide.

Omnia Zambia has a commercial and retail team and an emerging agronomist. Omnia Fertiliser’s sales agronomist Phidelis Mubagwe says: “At Omnia, we strive to offer quality crop nutrition solutions by ensuring that farmers do get to know what is in their soils because it all starts with our soils, and this is why, as a business, we have invested in a state-of-the-art lab, which ensures that the turnaround time is reduced while the farmers are able to get a full crop soil analysis.” Phidelis assists new farmers in promoting their products and works with retail advertising.

Cuan Smith is in charge of central Zambia’s commercial sales. From Capri to Mazabuka and on to Mumba and Chipata, they are under his jurisdiction. When a farmer visit one of Omnia’s nine provinces’ retail outlets, they can take advantage of the company’s service advisory, during which they can inquire about the company’s various products.

Cuan says: “I am responsible for the business sector and am working to meet the needs of that market. We have fertilised everything from conventional maize and soya to potatoes and tobacco and, most recently, tree crops like macadamias and pecan nuts.”

What kind of goods are sold in Omnia’s stores?

Chemicals, fertilisers, seeds, stock feed, and even chicks can be ordered by farmers. “We want a farmer not to spend more on transport by going around looking for specific products from different areas. We do more than just sell products to farmers; we offer solutions,” Phidelis explains.

To close the gap in yield between small-scale and commercial farmers in Zambia, Omnia has developed a product or set of products that complement one another to increase the yield of maize, Zambia’s most important crop.

Omnia was a popular stop for expo attendees.

Maxi Green™ Omnia Compound.

You cannot go wrong with Compound Maxi Green™! For example, under optimal conditions, a farmer could use five bags of compound maxi green and four bags of Greensulf™, both of which are ammonium nitrate-based fertilisers, yielding a minimum of four tonnes per hectare.

Therefore, effective management is crucial for harvesting the benefits. They also have products that provide trace elements, amino acids, and proteins to stimulate plant growth, just like any other crop that needs these nutrients. You can use things like Kelp-P-Max and OmniBoost to help your plants get the trace elements they need.

How does Omnia guarantee connections between farmers?

Relationships with farmers are a priority for Omnia. “Our commitment is long-term. We are not just there to sell a product; we are there to help guarantee that we improve their business,” says Cuan.

Omnia achieves this by providing reliable backup services and specialised assistance to farmers. Providing high-quality products that are very efficient and produce more than what the farmer expects is something Cuan is proud of. “During the growing season and afterward, we try to keep in touch with our farmers to make sure they’re happy with the service we provide,” Cuan adds.

Crop smart farming with Omnia

Cuan has found evidence that the commercial sector makes use of compounds based on ammonium nitrate of a high standard. Omnia’s new product Bacstim, is a product which promotes root growth development, and which suits the commercial market very well. We are planning to launch it to the Zambian market as well, which is quite exciting for us,” Cuan explains.

Considering that Omnia is a chemical fertiliser company, the fact that Bacstim is a biological programme is a major development. They believe that by backing and releasing this biological product, they will be able to increase the nutrient efficiency of their fertiliser and thus provide greater value to their commercial farmers.

An impressive array of field trials planted by Omnia attracted numerous.

Omnia’s clients are prioritised

From analysing the soil to determine the best fertiliser types to use during planting to harvesting, Omnia takes a comprehensive approach to increasing crop yields.

Omnia also include on-farm consultations as part of their service. Fit on the farm is a business philosophy that this company is able to implement thanks to their unique business model. “It’s one thing to sell a product, but quite another to make sure it’s used correctly. This describes the company’s approach to all business operations,” says Phidelis.

“We ensure that farmers are visited and given the proper crop advisory and fertiliser recommendation. Our agronomists are available at any time to make site visits to farmers and check on their adherence to our nutrient recommendations. I highly recommend that farmers check out our Omnia retail outlets,” Phidelis concludes.

Farmers in need of the best crop nutrition solutions in Zambia today should get in touch with their respective regional marketing managers in the commercial sector.

Your plants should have access to optimal levels of all necessary nutrients. For more information, get in touch with Kobus Smith by calling +(26)096-676-4351, or by sending an email to, you can also visit Omnia’s website at