The hybrid P1225PW was first planted for trials in the 2023-24 season, and performed well  , against proven irrigated hybrids during an early trial in the Luckhoff area. This cultivar was initially developed for the eastern production areas, but is also used more in western areas, as well as being tested in trials for adaptability and yield potential.

The base genetics have already been planted for the past two seasons, and shows good adaptability in the cooler parts of the western irrigation area. The PowerCore version completes this platform and offers resistance to especially Busseola fusca and Chilo partellus as well as the convenience of the Roundup application to producers.


Figure 1. Luckhoff trial yields (t/ha) in the base of the histogram with the moisture percentage during harvesting at the top.


The trial was fertilised with 333 kg of nitrogen (N), 65 kg of phosphorus (P) and 113 kg of potassium (K). The plant population was 95 000 seeds/ha and full irrigation was applied. The harvest date was March 7, 2024.

The P1225PW grain.

Yield potential and grain quality

This cultivar has excellent yield potential with very good grain quality as Photo 2 shows. The cultivar produces many rows of kernels on a thin cob, which results in the good yield.

Ear height to plant size ratio

Under irrigation the ears are carried at ± 48% of the plant size. This makes the cultivar acceptable for irrigation. Plants that bear too high under irrigation lead to an increased fall risk. A plant size of 2,44m is acceptable for irrigation. The ears will be carried later depending on the planting date.

Standing capacity

P1225 and P1225PW have a good standing ability on dry land and under irrigation.

Bark disease resistance

P1225 possesses the Ht-N gene which is responsible for good leaf disease resistance. Photo 3shows how the plant resistance causes a yellow cutting layer to form around the northern leaf scorch lesion, isolating it from spreading further. The infected plant tissue on the inside does however die, but the spread of the disease is limited.

Necrotic northern leaf scorch lesion on P1225 leaf demonstrating resistance to the disease.


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