At sunrise, Pannar’s team was ready to go at their Val Farmers Day ​​stand, armed with expertise and colourful banners displaying Pannar’s latest seed varieties. Farmers from across the region flocked to the event to learn more about developments in agricultural technology, and there was a palpable sense of anticipation in the air.

This year’s Val Farmers Day was the biggest yet and Joe Payne, Regional Manager for the Eastern Highveld and Limpopo at Pannar Seed, ensured that he and his team could spend some quality time with the farmers. Pannar has been participating in Val Farmers Day ​​for more than 25 years, since it was first held among the trees.

“It is a privilege for me to welcome all our farmers to Val Farmers Day. These days offer us the opportunity to meet customers face to face and share our knowledge by showcasing the latest farming technology and cultivars,” says Joe.

“This year we informed farmers about the benefits of the revolutionary new PowerCoreTM technology and how it can protect their crops from any troublesome insects that live above ground,” explains Joe. Large insect populations made life difficult for farmers in the northern regions; this technology is specifically aimed at them.

Pannar supplies a variety of high-performing maize hybrids and other crops that have been tried and tested over many years to thrive in each region’s unique climate and soil conditions. In addition, they focus on crop protection and the best nutrition programme for a reliable and productive crop yield.

More about Pannar’s PowerCoreTM cultivars

New maize hybrids using PowerCoreTM technology are currently available. The glyphosate tolerance is a proven, convenient weed control benefit, and the PowerCoreTM-technology also helps control the maize stem borer (Busseola fusca) and the Chilo borer (Chilo partellus) with improved Insect Resistant Management (IRM).

PAN 1502R (MG 5.2) is a new fast soybean variety, and PAN 1507R (MG 5.5) and PAN 1586R (MG 5.9) are new medium varieties that work well with PAN 1521R (MG 5.7), PAN 1555R (MG 5.7), and PAN 1588R (MG 5.9).

For farmers who want to plant high-performing sunflowers, there are many choices between conventional hybrids and hybrids with the Clearfield® Plus trait. Earlier planting and flowering times can be used to reduce susceptibility to sclerotinia infestation.

For more details please contact your nearest Pannar representative. In the Eastern Highveld and Limpopo, Joe Payne at (+27)82-456-8120 or Carl Otto at (+27)79-523-9980 are ready to inform farmers about the new seed technology.