Are you looking for pasture grass for your livestock? Then BRAZGrass is the answer. This seed can be planted once every seven years.

The expert team at BRAZGrass is there to help you, to work out a special plan for your animals according to your needs.

“BRAZGrass was one of the first seed companies that planted trails at NAMPO,” says Gielie Nieuwoudt, Managing Director of BRAZgrass.

Like always they were at this year’s NAMPO Harvest Day.

“It is a wonderful privilege to be at NAMPO,” Gielie says.

“We currently have 200 000 hectares of grazing which are planted in South Africa; however, the grass is suited for all soil conditions in Africa,” Gielie adds.

The seed is popular and successful in countries like Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Angola. They have distribution points across South Africa.

BRAZGrass makes use of the bullet technology. It encapsulates the seed and ensures that it only starts germinating once there is adequate moisture in the soil.

Gielie Nieuwoudt tells ProAgri more about BRAZGrass products and why farmers should plant it.

Unique characteristics of BRAZgrass:

  • It is a perennial crop which means that within 80 to 90 days from planting date, it is suitable for grazing
  • Dry material yield is between 15 and 40 ton per hectares per year
  • Contains 10 to 18% crude protein in dry matter
  • Contains no prussic acid
  • Suitable for all types of livestock and game
  • The company is the only distributor of bullet seed in the world.

BRAZGrass has three different types of products: Brachiaria Marandu, Panicum Mombaca and Brachiaria Piata. With a 10 kg bag you can plant 5 to 7 hectares and can be planted in late spring and summer with a fine seed planter or a fertilizer spreader.

For more information contact Gielie Nieuwoudt on 084-800-0193, or the office on 074-537-4050. You can also send an email to

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