Advanta Seeds International is a plant genetics company with a global presence across Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, North America and Europe.

Advanta is a subsidiary of the Indian Multinational Agrochemical gian UPL Limited (5th largest agribusiness company in the world). In Africa, Advanta is present in 30 countries at different stages of its evolution. In Zambia, Advanta Seeds has been operational since 2018, with presentment and a supporting team in Copper-belt province, Central province, Southern province, Lusaka province, Eastern province, Western province.

Advanta seeds Zambia supplies hybrid Maize Seed and Vegetable Seeds of both Hybrid and OPV, which are currently being sold in Agro dealers across Zambia.

Visit their website at for more information, or contact Steven Ngoma by phone at (+260)97-750-9544 or via e-mail at