Jaco Snyman, business manager of Pioneer SA, tells us more about Pioneer’s Agronomy Day and what sets Pioneer apart.

This day took place in Bethal. Jaco says that such a day is crucial for Pioneer. It requires a lot of planning. New genetics and cultivars are introduced to producers.

Jaco is excited about the number of farmers present despite difficult circumstances.

Dewalt te Water is from Te Water Boerdery and they plant Pioneer maize. Currently, about 80% of their planting is Pioneer.

Hannes Swanepoel is a Pioneer agent in Bethal. He mentions that they believe in Pioneer and that it has some of the best genetics.

Johan Janse van Rensburg, seed treatment manager, helps ensure seed protection from the very beginning of the process.

Pioneer and Stoller work together to achieve optimal maize production.

For more information, visit https://www.pioneer.com/za.