When it comes to your crops you want to get the best yield; while there are many products to help your crops grow, mother nature sometimes also throws a spanner in the works.

Whether it is insects or weather conditions, protecting your crops against nature’s quirks is a large part of producing the perfect crop. This is where Multiknit has you covered.

They have a wide range of knitted crop protection solutions.

One of these is Knipol, which is a unique waterproof shade net fabric combining the exceptional features and properties of SpectraNet shade netting with a clear laminated high density polyethylene waterproof coating.

Knipol is a reinforced waterproof plastic sheeting which does not discolour, and it is used in the agricultural and horticultural industries.

The shade netting provides a unique reinforcing membrane that supports the coating, giving extra rigidity and strength against wind force and hail.

The choice of colour and design of the shade netting used in the makeup of a Knipol product directly influences the quantity and quality of light received by plants for photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis.

Windbreak Nets provide wind reduction and dust control.

Knipol features:

  • Comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation
  • Does not discolour
  • Excellent wind resistant properties
  • Will not rot
  • UV stabilised
  • Manipulates the light energy received by plants
  • Easy to join by stitching

Multiknit also supplies Windbreak Nets that provide a wind barrier to protect crops, plants, soil, and buildings.

Unlike solid wind barriers which can cause more damage than the wind itself. Windbreak Nets reduce the wind velocity on the leeward side by approximately 35%, thus reducing damage caused by sandblasting, erosion, water evaporation, and temperature fluctuations.

Windbreak Nets are manufactured from high density polyethylene, colour pigments and UV stabilisers and are available in 50 metre rolls in widths of 0,75 m, 1,5 m and 3 m, with reinforced knitted eyelets in both selvedge sides.

In the case of the 3 m wide Windbreak Net additional rows of eyelets can be knitted into the net per the customers’ request, but this is subject to a minimum order quantity.

Windbreak Nets are available in the standard Code 40 mottled green/black yarn configuration giving them an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Knipol is easy to join by stitching.

Windbreak Nets are used extensively for:

  • Wind protection screens
  • Garden flower and vegetable bed screens
  • Camp site wind and privacy screens
  • Dog screens
  • Tree protection screens against wind, sandblasting and animals
  • Dust suppression screens
  • Plant protection screens
  • Plant rehabilitation screens
  • Wind reduction barriers
  • Tennis court wind and sun-glare shield
  • Crowd control

In the horticultural and agricultural fields, Windbreak Nets positively affect:

  • Plant germination
  • Plant growth
  • Flower development
  • Pollen transfer through increased insect activity
  • Pollen tube growth
  • Fruit ripening
  • Crop yield
  • Crop quality

Knipol manipulates the light energy received by plants.

To learn more about the various knitted options Multiknit has available visit their website www.multiknit.co.za.