Preparing your soil after harvest and before planting is crucial for a good yield.

“Ripper Tillage specialises in soil and seedbed preparation as well as moisture retention. Before planting, during planting, and after planting, Ripper Tillage is the answer,” says Werner Lubbe, Precision Planting Manager for Ripper Tillage.

He states that Ripper Tillage is committed to providing the equipment for you to clear your fields as quickly as possible and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

All the parts of the equipment they supply are also easily obtainable.

This year, Ripper Tillage was once again at the NAMPO Harvest Day to tell farmers more about their equipment. Their dedication drives them to design, manufacture, and service the best agricultural equipment to help farmers work more productively.

“We are also a proud supplier of precision planting equipment and have a robust dealer network throughout South Africa,” says Werner.

Ripper Tillage has rip-till (deep strip-till) machines that loosen the soil, cut above-ground material, and remove stubble. They also build complete rip-till implements specifically tailored to the farmer’s needs and soil type. Other equipment they offer includes strip-till, rollers, and field cultivators. The tillers can also incorporate fertiliser into the soil, and the units are adjustable. The rear unit is also sold on its own. It also returns wet soil to the seedbed and compacts it with a bow roller. The roller can set depth and has a spring action that makes adjustments easy. The rip-till machine can be combined with Agrico tines, other tines, rotary discs, planting equipment, and certain other products.

The field team knows what they are doing and is always available. Ripper Tillage does not just want to sell you the equipment, but also walk with you. Visit their website at or contact Werner Lubbe at 062-240-9938 or Christine Bouwer at 082-773-9297.