Knittex is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality shade net, based in South Africa. Although locally made, their wide range of shade fabric is available worldwide through their parent company, Multiknit. These products can be used across industries and have multiple uses, making them invaluable to their users.

The winning range consists of functional and decorative netting that serves the agricultural, construction, mining, and even tourism industries.

Decorative range

Knittex manufactures a range of colourful shades of decorative netting. Some colours are standard and others can be knitted on request. What makes these nets so popular is the wide variety of colours available that are fade resistant due to the UV-protectant added during the process, and they have up to a 10-year warranty.

The net is often used across industries for various purposes. Companies, venues, and even schools find the nets useful in creating a bright atmosphere that is in line with their brand identity. Schools create fun environments for the children to relax and play in.

Most of the time, these nets are used to create shade for humans at play areas, over patios or on balconies, but it can also be used for car ports, pool covers, animal shelters or even athletic facilities. The applications are endless, just use your imagination!

Colourshade, known internationally as Extreme32, is a strong, durable shade net material that will not run if the net is damaged.

DriZ is considered to be an all-weather shade net as it not only protects from the sun, hail and wind, but also rain and snow. Its water-resistant quality comes from the thin layer of plastic on the underside that keeps rain away from the people seeking shelter under it.

This is an ideal net to protect valuable assets but also to add to your building’s aesthetics.

Perimeter and barrier net

Knittex perimeter netting is a flexible, yet appealing barrier net designed to demarcate building construction sites and control unauthorised entry. It is also used within the mining industry to section off different areas. It can be temporarily set up to create privacy from passersby, but also to separate pedestrians from the danger zone of a construction site.

Just like the other Knittex-fabrics, it has been crafted with a knitted lock-stitch mesh made from high density polyethylene, ensuring durability and resilience. It also contains high-quality pigments and UV stabilisers that further enhances its longevity and performance.

Agricutural nets

SpectraNet is designed for precise climate control and light wave manipulation within the agricultural and horticultural sectors. It is renowned for its efficacy in safeguarding plants and crops against the detrimental impact of harsh weather conditions such as hail, wind, and sunburn, but it also protects crops from insects and birds.

The name “SpectraNet” perfectly encapsulates the product’s ability to manipulate and modify the quantity, quality, and relationship of blue, green, red, and far-red wavelength energies absorbed by plants.

SpectraNet has an impact on the photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis, transpiration and respiration through its light manipulating qualities. The range’s light transmittance factors vary from 4% to 96%, depending on the colour and pattern of the netting. This means that the grower can artificially create the perfect microclimate for crops to flourish.

Agricultural net has also shown to have a positive impact on reducing the irrigation needs of the crop planted under it due to lower evaporation.

Knittex’s Knipol product is a waterproof shade net fabric that seamlessly integrates the exceptional features of SpectraNet with a clear laminated waterproof coating.

This reinforced waterproof plastic sheeting is perfect for the agricultural and horticultural industries.

Benefits of Knipol includes water resistance, additional rigidity against wind and extra strength against hail.

To find the perfect net for your growing needs, head over to the Knittex-website for more information.