Tradecorp is a global reference in the field of biostimulants and crop nutrition specialist, developing and manufacturing first-class, innovative solutions that are marketed in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Its commitment is to provide the farmers the maximum number of abiotic stress management solutions to achieve maximum crop yield potential and profit for their crops.

Tradebor Mo

Tradebor Mo is a high concentrated boron-ethanolamine solution with molybdenum designed to prevent and correct deficiencies due to imbalances in the assimilation of these micronutrients.
Tradebor Mo is especially recommended for foliar application. Due to the efficient action of boron-ethanolamine.

Tradebor Mo encourages the absorption of boron through the leaves and through translocation inside the plant to play an important role in the growth of young tissues, the fertility of pollen grains – a guarantee of good fertilization and fruit set. Therefore the fertility of the pod, the number of seeds per pod is a factor that depends on the contribution of boron. This was also verified by making visual observations through different trials set up by Tradecorp. So Tradebor Mo raises the number of graines that improves unquestionably directly the net yield.

Finally, Tradebor Mo strengthens as well the plant’s resistance to severe drought. Furthermore, good boron nutrition in soybeans improves not only the pollination but it avoids getting symptoms as drying of the edge of young leaves or rolling and abortion of those young leaves. Tradecorp recommendation is to apply Tradebor Mo on Soybean at a dose rate of 2 L/Ha from pre-flowering until Fruit development.

Final K

Final K is a concentrated liquid product that is Potassium (K) based and 100% water soluble for crop nutrition. Prevents and treats Potassium deficiency. Importantly, Final K is a product designed to avoid antagonism with Ca++ and Mg++ ions present in hard water and which strongly decrease the effectiveness of potassium fertilisers.

Final K increases even more the efficiency of potassium uptake due to his durable effect. Indeed because it is absorbed into the leaf even in dry weather when the RH (Relative Humidity) of the air is low, which is not the case of other potassium sources.

Importantly, Final K controls the opening and closing of stomata for a better sap flow giving a better plant resistance against drought stress.
In soybean potassium deficiency substantially limits the contents of ingredients that are related to health benefits of soy products. This means that lack of K has a direct influence on quality and health benefit of soybean. Other trials showed that also the protein and oil content of soybean are reduced under K deficiency. In other words it is proven that Final K increases yield and quality.

Tradecorp recommendations is to apply Final K on Soybean at a dose rate of 2-3 L/Ha from pre-flowering until Fruit development.