Frederick van der Merwe farms in Botswana at Request Tuli Fresh. He has been using Senter360 pivot points for years.

They focus on potatoes and started their farm basically from scratch. Currently, they are on almost 200 hectares under irrigation, with 174 hectares under pivot – Senter360 pivot points. He has 9 16-hectare pivot points and 1 30-hectare pivot point.

Frederick did research on pivot points and Senter360 stood head and shoulders above the rest.

He says they are cost-effective, and if he experiences a problem, he can just call, and they will help immediately.

Senter360’s pivot points are put together in such a way that they are strong and wind-resistant. If a pivot point falls over, Frederick just picks it up and continues. The original pivot point they bought in 2015 is still exactly as it was the day they bought it and has not needed any replacement. Frederick also mentions that the tires last a long time and are not burnt out by the sun.

“It’s built for Africa. It requires minimal maintenance.”

Furthermore, it irrigates evenly. You can see on the system what percentage you are watering, the time it will take for a full circle, and the amount of water you are giving. Frederick says it’s simple, their service is wonderful, and he would recommend it to anyone.

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