Tradition is no longer the determining factor when farmers make decisions about tillage. Successful farmers are guided by the latest research and technology and careful analysis of products and aren’t afraid to experiment on their own. Only the highest, healthiest yields can secure today’s farmer’s future. Therefore, a farmer should create the best seedbed for the planting season, to ensure optimal growth.

The Jupidex team boasts a new addition to their offering:
The Degelman Pro-Till 40, 12-metre-high speed disc, will also be launched at NAMPO this yes. Wet or dry, spring or fall, no condition is too challenging for the Degelman.

Degelman is dedicated and passionate about doing things right. Degelamn knows that farm equipment with the least number of moving parts last longer, and this is why simplicity is at the heart of the Pro-Till design. Degelmans Pro-Till is the fastest and most versatile piece of equipment that you will ever own!

Versatility on another level

High-speed tillage

The Degelman Pro-Till works over 16 km per hour while ensuring uniform distribution of residue to eliminate problems such as uneven and delayed emergence, hair pinning, erosion and seeder/planter plugging.

Perfect seedbed preparation

The Degelman Pro-Till’s cultivation design creates a superior field finish in one pass by combining an aggressive till action with an exclusive furrow
roller system. The shallow, high-speed discs cut and mix residue to ensure a healthy soil structure. The ridge shape of the roller’s crushes, clods and creates a corrugated soil profile and an ideal seedbed.

Residue in your fields is a thing of the past

A farmer’s yields can be hampered by tough, heavy residue from crops like peas, sunflowers, barley, wheat, soybeans, cotton and maize.
The Pro-Till is ideally pulled fast between 16 to 22 km per hour, properly cutting residues and mixing with the soil where they break down to promote soil life and improve soil texture. The Pro-Till’s cultivation is impressive – no wonder the Degelman Pro-Till is known as the robust residue-killing machine.

Unique characteristics of the Degelman Pro-Till

Rubber suspension system

Degelman knows a thing or two about rocks. Conditions aren’t always perfect. That’s why the Pro-Till disc system replaces the traditional gang with independent disc arms that slice and mix soil at speeds never before achieved. When a stone is encountered, the rubber elements roll and compress, automatically dampening the impact and providing protection, while immediately springing the disc back into operation.

Away with the grease

We know the window for spring and fall work is quick and unforgiving. Give yourself the upper hand with Degelman’s game-changing true greaseless technology.
Farming operations are becoming bigger and more complicated every day. We know time is money, and that today’s growers have more to worry about than greasing their equipment. Degelman has invested time and money, and is committed to bringing true greaseless technology to all products we develop.

The Pro-Till carries its weight in the frame – where it should be. The Pro-Till has a downward force to handle the most extreme soil and trash conditions.
Pro-Till 40 (12m) has a total weight of just over 15T which gives a downward force of 1 300 kg per metre to handle the most extreme and challenging conditions.

Maintenance-free depth control

Adjusting the front and rear cutting depth on Pro-Till is easy and accurate. Mechanical plates swivel in or out to adjust cutting depth in 1,27 cm intervals, making this a simple, organised and reliable system.

Double V Notch disc design

The Double V Notch blade does the job of slicing and penetrating in hard soils, cutting straw and residue, providing traction to keep the blades rotating, and helps keep the machine anchored and stable as it’s pulled through the soil.

The result is a smoother furrow bottom compared to the more conventional U-notch blade.

A patented heat-treating process results in a “transitional” hardness profile where the inner section is less hard (for ductility), and the outer wear area is at maximum hardness, resulting in the Double V Notch blades lasting longer by 20% or more compared to competitors’ blades.

Notched concave discs provide a very aggressive cutting edge that is well-suited for soil penetration. These discs are a good choice for residue management.

Unique frame design

A unique benefit of the Pro-Till is the patented roll-forward frame design which gives operators the ability to completely rotate the frame and rear disc sections off the ground, making it easy to manoeuvre out of trouble in wet conditions.

This design, together with the impressive weight distributions of the oversized high-flotation tires, lets the operator back up, drive forward, unplug, or simply drive away from any difficulty.

The Degelman’s self-contour frame allows Pro-Till to follow the curvature of varying terrains while maintaining a consistent depth. The independent wing sections and a shallow floating frame give Pro-Till the flexibility to handle steep inclines or downward slopes. This floating, self-contouring design, coupled with Pro-Till’s independent discs, help produce a flawless, uniform field, which makes farming a pure pleasure.

Degelmans reputation is built on developing strong, reliable, generational equipment that will be on your farm for years to come. They believe that less is always more. Like Degelman’s equipment, Jupidex is committed to offering only the best equipment to South African farmers.

Come see for yourself at NAMPO 2023 why Jupidex is the proud distributor of Degelman equipment. Visit their stand at B8 + B31.

For more information about the Jupidex Group and their wide range of agricultural equipment, visit their website at or contact (+27)33-386-3574 for more information.