Ripper Tillage Equipment has an implement for every job throughout the planting journey. The team specialises in custom-built equipment that ensures results in your crop because a successful harvest does not only rely on fertiliser, water and the type of seed you use. It also relies on how the seed is planted in the particular soil type and how it is cared for.

Ripper Tillage Equipment prides themselves in identifying the needs of your soil bed. “We take into consideration how the soil needs to be prepared,” Christine Bouwer, Director and Technical Marketer of Ripper Tillage Equipment, explains. “We also look at what you will need to close the soil after planting and ripping, such as rollers or closing coulters.”

Ripper Tillage Equipment manufactures rip-till and strip-till equipment, rotary hoes and planting equipment “We specialise in on the row ripping.

This means that instead of ripping and tilling the entire seedbed, the tine ensures that soil is only cultivated in the rows where the seed will be planted,” Christine elaborates.

Because there is less soil ripped over a large area, the machinery – tractor included – has less wear. What is more, it also uses less fuel and requires less labour.

Tillage equipment backed by knowledge and support

Ripper Tillage Equipment employees are knowledgeable in soil requirements. “We come to your farm, do a soil test with a demonstration and determine the implements you require to achieve the best cultivation,” Christine explains. “We look at the type of soil on your farm and take into consideration what your previous crop was – especially for farmers that practice conservation farming by tilling crop residues back into the soil. By looking at the soil condition and knowing what the farmer plans to plant next, we can see which implement is needed to do the job.”

That is the benefit of custom-made implements. Where your soil conditions and the needs of every crop differ from area to area, you can invest in exactly the right tools to help you succeed. “We do not only make products and sell them,” she adds. “We determine your exact needs and provide tillage equipment that will give you the results you need.

Harvester trailers from Ripper Tillage Equipment

Harvester trailers are a handy piece of equipment that might not immediately jump to mind when thinking about harvesting season. The truth is that transporting headers can have many challenges, but with the right trailer, the problems are quickly solved.

Ripper Tillage Equipment manufactures 35 to 40 ft (10,6 – 12 m) trailers that hook behind any bakkie or tractor. “It isn’t a heavy trailer, and it assists farmers with transporting harvester headers from the store to the field and back,” Christine explains.

This is just another way of solving a farmer’s need — one piece of equipment at a time.

Ripper Tillage Equipment is synonymous with effectiveness

We have successful clients who have used our equipment for more than eight years. “You can see how satisfied our clients are when they return next year for an even bigger order.

“We often hear that new clients heard about the effectiveness of our products from a neighbour or friend, and decided to invest in an implement themselves.

Ripper Tillage Equipment ensures excellent service by visiting clients on the farm and offering guidance on how to use the implements effectively. “Maintenance is also fairly easy and inexpensive, because all parts are available at local hardware stores,” she adds.

Take a closer look at the range of equipment from Ripper Tillage Equipment as displayed at the 2022 NAMPO Harvest day in Bothaville.

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