Tired of advertising? We’ll do it for you! If you want to sell your agricultural products, you may have already considered listing sites. A listing site works almost like Facebook’s marketplace platform, but is a trusted network of buyers and sellers, backed by dedicated administrators. The largest of these is Agri4all.com.

“We are an agricultural company that helps our customers reach their customers,” says Nita Volmer-Van Zyl, Product Manager of Agri4all.com. “Agri4all started about six years ago. We offer a platform where sellers can upload and sell their products for free. Anyone across Africa can use it. It is also free to place a listing on our platform. The listings website is available in 29 African countries, but we are in the process of expanding it.”

Agri4all’s main function is to offer the farmer and the company, whether a large commercial brand name or a small one-man business, a space to meet each other.

Something more than just a listings website

Agri4all offers its customers more than just a website where advertisements are placed like the classifieds section of a newspaper. Anyone can create a profile and upload products, but there is also a paid option where customers can sign on for additional marketing packages.

“This is definitely something we suggest to every client to achieve the best results from their marketing through us,” Nita explains. “Firstly, there is the advantage that the customer can then have as many of their contact details inserted into the listing as they want. Paid customers will receive a monthly report after the completion of the campaign.

“On top of that, you can see how many people were on your profile, which links were clicked on and which products were looked at,” she elaborates.

“With additional marketing on our various platforms that include TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and ProAgri, more feet are directed to your ad.”

Because Agri4all understands that their customers are spread across the agricultural value chain and have different motivations for advertising on an Agri4all profile, the team has a wide variety of packages to choose from – something to fit every pocket. The marketing plans include newsletters, banner ads and promotional articles.

Top shelf marketing for everyone

Nita points out that all customers can expect great service from the Agri4all team. “Although anyone can create a profile themselves, upload products and administer them, no one needs to feel that they are on their own,” she says. “We have a team that does it all for you – regardless of whether you are a paid customer or not.”

There are two things she feels all prospective customers of this platform should understand. “Firstly, you can list as many products on Agri4all as you want. There is no limit. Secondly, it is important to point out that we do not trade on behalf of the client. Any visitor who enquires about a product’s details is forwarded to the customers. It is still the advertiser’s responsibility to convert that sales lead into sales.”

About the kind of products that can be listed, Nita explains that it is anything agricultural related. “Anything that the farmer can benefit from,” she sums it up. “Agri4all is agriculture. For everyone.”

Visit www.agri4all.com to check out the platform for yourself. Call Nita on (+27)79-515-8708 or send an e-mail to nita@agri4all.com if you want to list your products on the platform.