Alpha Damme was established in 2020 during the “Hard lockdown” that was enforced by the Covid Pandemic. Even though we are only 2 years old as a registered company, we have years of experience in the water industry. Mainly working in the agricultural and mining sectors we have also contributed to water supply for schools and municipalities and rural communities.

We specialise in:

  • Potable Water Tanks for human consumption.
  • Zink dams / reservoirs
  • Liners for cement dam’s
  • Liners (HDPE) for earth dam’s
  • Fire Water storage tanks
  • Solar pumps systems
  • Pumps
  • Maintenance and repairs on Pivots

Using top quality material, we can supply our clients with a top-quality product with a quality service at a market related price to ensure our clients get the best possible benefit.

Coming of a very successful “KragDag Expo” in Pretoria we are looking forward to our visit to Bredas Dorp and NAMPO Cape.

We are confident that as “Alpha Damme” grows we are not only adding value to the industries we work in but with the positive attitude we are hoping to add the same value to our country.

Inquiries can be sent to, or you can check out their website at