Water and electricity are two vital elements humans need. Access to safe drinking water and reliable sustained power to function in this digital age has been difficult to come by for many people. Cholera outbreaks and loadshedding are just some of the challenges that South Africans face. But the good news is that there are service providers that offer expert solutions to both!

Asmur Trading prides itself in providing customers with the guidance and products they need to create a sustainable future.

Since its inception in 2000, clients have come to rely on friendly service that promotes transparency, integrity and trust. As Asmur Trading continues to grow, this business strives to establish itself as a trusted leader in the water purification and solar system industry. They aim to do so through quality products, efficient service and installations and expert knowledge.

The services they provide can be divided into two categories: water and solar.

Water treatment solutions

For water treatments, Asmur Trading assists clients with water purification, greywater treatment and rain harvesting systems.

Water purification systems

The experts at Asmur Trading will guide you through the filtration system that will suit your needs. The products they provide use reverse osmosis to remove harmful chemicals and trace elements from the water. This process usually improves the smell as well as the taste of the water. In the final stage, minerals that are usually contained in water, which are required by the body, are added back into the water.

Water purification systems from Asmur Trading.

Greywater treatment

Greywater is the water that is usually discarded after conducting daily household activities such as bathing, washing dishes or laundry. It is classified as grey water because it isn’t clean any more for human consumption, but it can be recycled to some degree. Filters for greywater use a highly effective multi-stage filtration system to remove dirt, hair and other impurities. Afterwards, the water can be used for watering flower beds and gardens.

The filtration unit is placed outside the home, but it collects water any time you bathe or do laundry.

Rain harvesting solutions

Collecting the run-off rainwater from a structure such as a roof and storing it for later is a waterwise option for water use. Rain can be collected through gutters and pipes that direct the water into a storage vessel or tank. This water can be used to water the garden or washing cars.

Setting up a rain harvesting system is easy.

Solar backup solutions

For solar solutions, the team at Asmur Trading provides their clients with guidance on what options are available when wanting to add solar generation to a property.

With solar systems, clients can choose to either add it as a backup power system or use it to switch completely off the grid.

Asmur Trading offers clients risk-free systems. Reliable after-sales service ensures that customers have peace of mind in using and maintaining their solar generation systems.

Asmur Trading also provides clients with solar solutions.

To find out more, visit their webpage at https://www.asmur.co.za/index.html. Contact them on (+27)76-485-1485 or send an e-mail to info@asmur.co.za.

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