ATN was founded in 1995, and is today the leading Tech Optics company that is revolutionising our industry! We are very proud to be the market-leading manufacturer and developer of Ultra High Resolution Digital Smart Optics for Day and Night operation, as well as Smart Thermal Imaging optics for ultimate Night Operations. Our optics are perfect for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement and private security – whether you are culling jackal or keeping your farm safe at night, we have a solution for you.

ATN has two core offerings for our clients, day/night digital optics and thermal digital optics.

Our day/night range of optics referred to as X-sight 4K will afford the user the capability of traditional day time hunting with clear full colour day time images as well as black and white low light night time images which is ideal for use on wild boar or even occasional jackal hunting. The X-sight range is aimed at the budget-oriented user that is looking for a device that will cater for both day and night time use, but does not want to sacrifice on quality or features.

The thermal range, which is referred to as the Mars range, is a step up from the X-sight range. The Mars range of devices is aimed at exclusive night time use without the need for any additional “red/infrared” lighting, this is a true covert hunting or observation device that is guaranteed to impress even the most decerning of users. The Mars range relays a thermal image to the user that can be adjusted to various colour pallets for various conditions.  The sensors and screens used in the Mars range are carefully selected to provide the best image and clarity at competitive price points.

ATN has recently announced the launch of brand-new X-Sight and Mars line-up’s with many more offerings in each range.

X-Sight 5 and X-Sight 5 LRF have two magnification ranges each and are now integrated with a Gen V quad core processor offering Ultra High-Definition displays and incredible Ultra HD video recording up to 120 frames per second to ensure you catch that kill shot of your dreams.  The new X-sight also has a generous 90mm eye relief and improved ergonomically sculpted body that still mounts with 30mm scope rings to a base of your choice.

The new thermal line up known as the Mars 5, Mars 5 LRF, Mars 5 XD, Mars 5 XD LRF and Mars LTV has seen some significant updates in technology and now offers the user with world class products that will deliver much more than what has ever been available to the South African market. With 320 / 640 and 1280X1024 resolution sensors in the line up, making use of 12 micron technology and Oled displays, you are certain to have the unfair advantage… with human recognition right up to an incredible 1,8km’s.

ATN not only leads the way in technical innovation but also the best value-for-money offering on the market today,

With NAMPO just around the corner it provides us with the ideal platform to present these new and exciting devices to the farmer and hunter. Come and experience these devices at NAMPO 2023, come and see what the hype is all about – ATN is waiting for you in the HINTERLAND/DAVESHEER COUNTRY RANCH Hall, Stand B19, where we will have a viewing deck so that you can truly stretch the legs of these incredible pieces of technology and truly see what it would be like to have one in the field with you.

Trijicon, the world’s most fielded military optic is also fast becoming the optic of choice for south African hunters, sports shooters and recreational shooters.  It may surprise many to hear that the company has it’s roots in South Africa.

Glyn A. J. Bindon was born in 1937 in Pretoria, South Africa and he immigrated to the United States in the mid-1950s where he received a degree in aeronautical engineering from Parks College in 1958.

In the 1980s, Glyn was visiting his family in South Africa and met the developer of the Armson OEG gunsight. The designer was attempting to introduce the OEG sight to the American market. The concept whetted his interest, and upon his return home, Glyn began importing those sights. He named his company Armson, Inc., and the Armson sights were his only product from 1981 until 1985.

Glyn began developing his own ideas for self-illuminated sights. When he was also awarded a difficult-to-procure “exempt” license for those handgun sights, the distinction between his new sights and earlier tritium sights became clear. One early success with the night sights was their adoption by the FBI for use on their new auto loading pistols.

Glyn eventually renamed his company “Trijicon, Inc.”, and those night sights became the basis for the family-owned and operated company that grew quickly through its constant innovation that truly pushed the envelope in optical design.

Today Trijicon has an extensive lineup of offerings for sport shooters, hunters, self defence and military and police use. The range consists of iron sights in various configurations for use on pistols, red dot or reflex sights, again for use on pistols, but also on larger platforms such as AR15 and big game side by side rifles. The traditional magnified scope range is quite impressive as it offers seven families with various offerings within each. And then there is the legendary ACOG series that needs no introduction.

Trijicon makes use of the best glass and coating in the optics market today, and has a proven track record for robustness and reliability with military personnel across the globe. The conditions that these optics get used in and is relied up on is testament that Trijicon manufactures and delivers arguably the best optics in the world.

The Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight or RMR is as at home on a pistol as it is on your AR or 450 Nitro Express. This miniature sight allows for rapid target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy, hailed for its extremely tough construction and reliability, the RMR is the ideal companion for recreational shooters, sport shooters or even for self-defense firearms. Available in various dot sizes and illumination configurations there is a RMR that will find its place in your kit.

Traditional hunting or walk and stalk as we know it in South Africa, this is where the boys are separated from the men, this is where your rifle and optic combination becomes critical. Factors such as weight, size, field of view, eye box and adaptability come into play, here we call on Credo, one of the seven magnified optic families. The 2.5-15×42 Credo offers much more than you would expect from a little 30mm tube with 42mm objective, featuring a capped windage turret and exposed elevation turret with zero stop to ensure that you never lose your zero, superior lens coatings for ultimate clarity and definition and illuminated reticle with a floating center dot for a clear aiming point, this rifle scope will instill an abundance of confidence in any hunter.

Should the addition of electronics and batteries in your optics be a point of concern, rest assured that Trijicon has you covered here as well. Trijicon is the only optic manufacturer that has integrated tritium and fibre-optics into their optics to provide the user with electronic and battery free illuminated reticles, yes you read it right, battery free illumination. This is Trijicon’s parting piece, the Accupoint and RMR range is used by dangerous game safari guides in the harsh African conditions, the ACOG range is used by military units in battle, the tritium and fibre-optic combination has proven itself over and over and we have one for you!

Reading is good for you, or so they say. I prefer to look and feel, so come and see the Trijicon range at NAMPO 2023 at the HINTERLAND/DAVESHEER COUNTRY RANCH Hall, Stand B19. Come push your limits from our elevated viewing deck where you will be able to experience the best the sharpest and most reliable optics and view targets up to 1000m away.

Additional to the viewing deck Bravo Tactical will also be presenting and informing on techniques and gear. Known for their top quality training in self defence, farm attack and invasion response, emergency medical treatment and how to react under distress, you will only see the most reliable products used by them. Bravo Tactical only uses product that they have thoroughly tested and will rely up on and trust with their own lives.

We look forward to seeing you at NAMPO 2023