Several time every day, South Africa grinds to a halt due to load shedding and power interruptions. Nowadays, no business can perform optimally without backup power sources.

The sun will always rise in the morning, which is one advantage of solar energy. If you rely on solar power, you should always be ready for the inevitable cloudy days as well. Solar power is becoming increasingly accessible as its price drops in response to increased global demand.

Averge Technologies help customers to accurately determine their electricity needs before choosing solar equipment. Since they are not a solar energy firm, they are not bound to any particular brand. According to Averge Technologies’ Earthing, Surge, and Lightning Protection Executive, Gerrit Meyer: “We make sure to use the correct product for the correct application.”

While most farmers use inductive loads, contrary to resistive loads, they can select inverters that are compatible with those loads.

If a solar power system is installed properly, it could last as long as 25 years. When not properly managed, the system starts to degrade after the sixth year.

Given that measurements are the foundation of knowledge at Averge Technologies, that is where they start. “We first look at the quality of the power, then we clean it up, and then we design a tailor-made system for the specific customer,” says Gerrit. This means that the company will tailor the solar system to the needs of the customer, rather than expecting the customer to make do with whatever is available.

As Gerrit sees it: “Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we ensure that the customer gets exactly what he needs, pays for and what he requests.” Averge Technologies’ customers automatically acquire all manufacturer warranties and guarantees for the products they purchase from the company.

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