Bearings International (BI) remains the one-stop shop for all your bearing and lubricant needs on tractors, pumps and machines. With their new warehouse in the Western Cape and their heightened presence at expos, BI aims to continue to deliver excellent service and a wide variety of products.

At the most recent Cape NAMPO in Bredasdorp, South Africa, the Western Cape BI branches has represented the brand for the first time.

“It’s one of the biggest shows or trade expos I have been at. It is already a success for us with how many leads we have generated,” says Johan Schoeman, Branch manager for the two Bearings International branches in the Cape. “We want to remind the agri sector that we have everything you may need. We don’t just have bearings, we have chains, sprockets, PTO’s, motors, SmartWashers — everything. We even stock Q20, lock tight and CRC — the stuff everyone uses!”

BI has prided themselves on delivering on what the farmer really needs. “We have received feedback from our customers that we meet our customers’ needs. One even jokingly said that he has seen hardware stores sell fish and chips, but not the part. That is why we truly want to offer what the farmer actually needs,” Johan adds.

One of the most popular products at the Cape NAMPO was the SmartWasher.

The SmartWasher is an environmentally friendly option for technicians or people who need to wash mechanical parts in paraffin or diesel. The used paraffin and diesel cannot be discarded into the drain. But it needs to be delt with in a safe, responsible way. The SmartWasher is not only a basin in which parts can be cleaned, but also the container in which contaminated liquid is contained and purified. It works with Ozzy juice and biofilters. The ‘juice’ can be topped up every now and again, but it essentially lasts forever. It is used to clean the parts with and remains contained in the green Smart Washeer. The two-layer filter captures dirt and paraffin or diesel that is washed off by the ‘juice’, and traps the different types of particles in the different layers. The white layer captures normal dirt and filth. The blue layer of the filter is filled with microbes that feed on the paraffin and diesel, converting the harmful chemicals into water and CO2.

The mobile heavyweight parts washer uses this bioremediation technology to break down the contaminants.

The CRC SmartWasher was the most popular attraction at the Bearings International stand at Cape NAMPO.

Bearings International is busy building a large Western Cape warehouse. This new facility will enable the coastal branches to have improved access to parts and product, resulting in even quicker turnaround times.

Much of this accomplishment is thanks to the post-COVID growth that BI has seen. “We are on the right track and we are growing organically.” Johan explained. “To me, that is a good thing, because it means that we have the right amount of people to assist all our clients.”

There are over 40 BI-branches across Southern Africa and have other outlets from their sister companies as well. “Our sister companies such as Hudaco is also excited for future NAMPO’s in Bredasdorp and might also be joining us in the future,” he adds.

Johan explains that a lot of the success for the Cape NAMPO is attributed to his team. “We have an excellent team who has helped put this together. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible,” he concludes.

To find out more about the variety of parts that Bearings International stocks, visit their website at or call +2711-899-0000. You can also send an e-mail to In case of emergency, phone their 24-Hour hotline on 083 250 9191.