A vital aspect in keeping the wheels and cogs of the farming industry running smoothly, is bearings. A faulty bearing can cause farming operations to grind to a halt, but fortunately, Bearings International is always ready to promptly supply farmers with the means to keep the wheels of their farming operations running.

Bearings International is a member of the Hudaco group, and is an industry leader in distributing bearings, electric motors and power transmission products throughout Southern Africa. With their customer focused approach, they are committed to delivering value and offering quality solutions that make a real difference in farmers’ daily operations.

“BI has a distribution network of more than 40+ branches in many locations and have been servicing these areas for more than 65 years,” says Johann Streicher, Area Business Unit Leader at Bearings International.

“At BI, agriculture has been part of our core business since the very beginning. Assisting farmers is a rewarding experience because we understand that we are a part of the process of bringing food from the field to the fork,” he adds. “Farms are LIFE. The pandemic affected most businesses as everyone went into lockdown, but farmers continued to work, ensuring we had food on our tables. That’s why serving them is our privilege.”

BI Continues to grow and develop better product offerings and solutions for our customers.  “We are actively increasing our market share in most industrial and agricultural segments, and we constantly improve on our offering,” Johann says.

BI assists the farmer with most agricultural requirements, such as:

  • Bearings,
  • Drives,
  • Motors,
  • Gearboxes,
  • Couplings,
  • Chains,
  • Sprockets,
  • Belts and pulleys,
  • Seals,
  • Lubricants and tools,
  • et cetera

“If a farmer needs an item that we don’t stock, we’ll find it! Thanks to our 32+ sister companies in the Hudaco Group and our global supply network, we can fulfil special orders and requirements,” he adds. “We make use of world-class brands and manufacturers. These partners and products go through extensive testing and quality control processes to ensure we supply value that our customers can trust.”

The products distributed by BI are used in a variety of machines, such as combine harvesters, tractors, planters, and grain trucks to name a few. Bearings International also supplies products to the entire production chain that a farmer may have. Machines that use electrical motors, like tobacco driers or conveyors, for instance, can easily be maintained with the products supplied by BI. In this way, they provide a complete and effective solution to their customers.

“BI has high-quality products and some products were designed for critical applications. For example, if a farmer needs heavy-duty seals or ready-to-go bearing hub units for seed and fertiliser coulters, Bearing International has these specialised products — even for bakkies!” he adds.

The wide range of standard and specialised products that BI stocks can be used for the following industries:

  • Implement manufacturers
  • Milling
  • Beef and poultry farms
  • Irrigation and crop production
  • Fruit and vegetable farming
  • Fishing
  • Tobacco
  • Packhouses

“Our agri-product development leader ensures we carry the right stock at the right time, as the season demands. We provide this service 24/7, because we understand that increased productivity and efficiency at a competitive price is what our farmers need,” Johann explained.

Product and market knowledge is vital, that is why Bearing International ensures their staff is continuously trained on existing and new product offerings. Their extensive sales network can provide solutions and services on the farm, saving farmers time and fuel costs. “We understand the critical role a farmer in Southern Africa has in providing food security and fuelling the economy; that’s why BI aims to support them in every possible way.

“We strive to continuously improve and maintain our high-quality service delivery, but to be able to do so, we need good communication and feedback from the agricultural industry. BI welcome’s all feedback so we can ensure we provide a dynamic and cost-effective solution that improves the farmer’s daily tasks,” Johann concluded.

“We supply value that our customers can trust.”

For more information, contact BI on +27-11-899-0000 or send an e-mail to info@bearings.co.za. You may also visit their website at www.bearings.co.za, or reach them on their 24-hour hotline on 083-250-9191. Follow them on social media for the latest news and updates:

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