“At Blue Swallow, we take pride in providing personalised service and catering to the unique needs of our customers. We are grateful to our diverse client base for inspiring us to continually innovate and develop purpose-driven products.”

These are the words of Blue Swallow Catering owner, Erhard Brandt. His company produces catering utensils perfect for any camper.

Erhard is especially excited about the oval steak plate. “Our oval steak plate was designed after the famous steak plate from Spur; a memory of good food and good family times. Certain steak cuts are just too big for the round dinner plate – I have never seen a round steak, most cuts are oval.”

The origin of the name “steak plate” is just as wholesome as its use. When the kids helped set the table, their mom had to explain to them what plates she was looking for. The steak plate has an oval shape with rounded sides, just like a steak, hence the name steak plate. And the name stuck!

This steak plate is ideal for camping, as it fits perfectly on your lap, can be neatly stacked, doubles as a snack plate and is lightweight and rugged.

Although it is specially designed for steak, it is a diverse product. It can also be used as a snack platter, cheese and biltong platter, or to conveniently stack your braaibroodjies.

This steak plate is the perfect shape and size for family style steak.

Another product that Blue Swallow Catering is very proud of, is their large dinner plate. This plate is round, has an elegant broad rim and can even be used as an underplate. Erhard’s tip is that it is also great for serving your camp breakfast.

What makes these products so convenient for camping? It is durable, lightweight, elegant, strong, easy to clean and cost-effective. The products are specifically tested during camping and hiking conditions. Partners at Blue Swallow Catering goes as far as to test these products in their own homes. Locally produced, these products have been proudly South African for many years.

The large dinner plate is versatile and can be used as an underplate, for breakfast or for platters.

Erhard mentions some other products that are also fantastic for camping: “We highly recommend the coffee mug, wine glass, and our 4-division prep/snack/storage container with lid, which are stackable and perfect for camping.”

For those campers who are rougher and rowdier, there are no concerns about the durability of the catering supplies. The chance of a product breaking is highly unlikely. “Our products are designed to withstand intense daily use. With proper product use and care, you will enjoy the benefits for a long time.”

If you need to these products to complete your camping journey, visit www.blueswallow.co.za or send an e-mail to sales@blueswallow.co.za.