The BSi Steel group is founded in 1985 and they have African operations and export departments as well. BSi Steel Lusaka Branch is based in the heart of Zambia, Lusaka. BSi is a steel supplier and steel merchant based in Lusaka, Zambia.

“We have several branches in the African operations of which two branches are in Zambia. One in Kitwe which focuses on the mining sector and the Lusaka branch has a broader marketplace where we primarily focus on the construction sector,” said Garry Hodgkinson, senior trader and head of marketing at BSi Steel in Zambia.

One of the sectors that they are gaining traction in is the agricultural sector. “BSi steel is very passionate about our farmers. They feed the nation and we supply them with the materials to do so. We stock a wide variety of fencing and wire products to help farmers with their livestock. We have a roofing production line that we roll to length. We reduce costs on off-cuts for the farmers or anyone that would like roofing,” Garry added.

Their range of steel stock is the largest and most diverse in Zambia and they carry stocks in excess of 4 000 tonnes at any given time. They also process coil into IBR and Corrugated sheets cut to length to match your requirements, and offer bulldozing and cranking services. BSi Steel stock steel-related products such as cutting and grinding disks, welding rods and primer paints. They also stock a wide range of fencing products, special steel round bars and roofing insulation products.

Their vision is they will forward a steel icon through enduring partnership.

“BSI Steel’s mission is we are a human-centred client focus enterprise dedicated to consistently delivering top quality steel at competitive prices. We will invest in the lives of our people, the communities we live in and the sustainability of our environment. Some of our key behaviours are we build enduring partnerships on ethical standards,” says Garry.

Their staff is empowered, energetic and proactive and they strive to be specific and consistent in all they do.

BSi Steel is also passionate about their clients. “Providing a quality product and best customer service,” Garry added.

Their fleet of delivery vehicles, ranging from 30-tonne horse and trailers to 1-tonne pick-ups, are geared to handle bulk orders as well as your just in time requirements. For more information on BSi Steel or how to order go to or send an e-mail at