SPECK is an industry leader in filtration and circulation in South Africa. We are committed to the innovation of sustainable products that support greener living and responsible environmental choices. As a result, we create products that support an optimal balance of performance and maintenance for long-lasting solutions.

Saving water…

Water filtration and circulation units can be optimised to decrease the amount of water required for effective functioning. With sustainably designed pre-filters, filters and pumps, SPECK helps save water throughout every step in this process.

MultiCyclone Pre-filters

Our range of MultiCyclone pre-filters are designed to suit the needs of commercial and residential requirements. These units create hassle-free maintenance by extending the lifespan of the primary filtration system and reducing the environmental demand on water volume required for filtration.

BADU®Eco Wise Cartridge Filter

Water-wise filtration is easy with the BADU®Eco Wise cartridge filter. This unit is suitable for various water systems. The strength and reliability of this unit allows it to provide years of use to aid greener living practices.

Saving energy…

To support the global shift towards renewable energy solutions, we have designed an innovative solar unit equipped to efficiently power SPECK pumps up to 1.1 kW.

The BADU Solar System®

Our BADU Solar System® powers units by generating DC electricity which is stored and converted to AC electricity. This process enables a sustainable solar power energy supply. To further the efficiency of this system, the solar panels are installed with boosters to maximise cost effective electricity output.

BADU®Eco Touch Pump

Our BADU®Eco Touch self-priming circulation pump offers complete eco-friendliness through its innovative motor technology. This unit offers low energy consumption, a reduced CO2 footprint and lower operating costs, all whilst improving your water quality.

Reducing chemicals…

Although often forgotten, reducing the use of harmful chemicals is significant in maintaining greener living. SPECK has designed a range of innovative UV-C Systems to reduce chemical usage in water disinfection processes.

Blue Lagoon UV-C Systems

Our Blue Lagoon UV-C Systems eliminate the need for chlorine by using UV-C, UV-C and copper electrolysis combinations and UV-C and ozone treatments. This adjustment to water disinfection allows for a safe, environmentally friendly solution that significantly reduces chemical usage.

We are committed to creating innovative products that embrace greener living and, as a result, supply superior products engineered to benefit our environment. Our units offer an environmentally conscious choice for all-sized applications.

For more information about our solutions, please visit www.speck-pumps.co.za.